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Mic remote for Senns IE8?

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Hey there,


Been searching all over for this accessory for Sennheiser IE8, it's killing me every time I wanna switch a track or pick up a phone call with my iPhone 4 I have to take it out of my pocket. Any clue where I can pick up the cable?





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I got mine from

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Does this actually work?  I have called the Sennheiser folks and asked if the cable for the IE8i could be used on the IE8 for iPhone compatibility and they assured me it COULD NOT.  I know they want to sell more pairs of IE8i but it would be AWESOME if this cable actually worked.  Please tell me!

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Curious indeed, how does the mic pick up conversations? Also you can skip forward with a double click and triple go back a track, correct? How much was shipping? Seems a little pricey to me but thanks for the tip.
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The only way that cable would not work on a standard IE8 is if Sennheiser deliberately made it's connector to the IEM housing different. While this is a possibility I doubt they bother as it would add complications in the manufacturing process and segment the Ie8 market on them. At the same time I think it would be possible the sales staff though either zealousness or simply lack of understanding would say the cable would't work.
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Any news if customcable began shipping these??
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Not yet no! we are hoping for it to be "extremely" soon though. Hopefully by the end of the month fingers crossed! Sorry to all that may have ordered for the delay.

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Got the cable from another user on here, barely used (thanks so much for that!) Although I question the quality of the cable itself compared to factory that was included with my IE8 box set, not as flexible and colour is different it will do.

Are these directly from SENNHEISER or you guys make them yourselves?
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Also would be nice to see the mic on the right hand side but I guess that's personal preference.
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