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Personally, (I don't own either, but) from what I've read, I'd probably go with the IE8's, especially if you like your bass.
Whatever you do, make sure you don't buy fakes!
I'd buy from somewhere like Amazon or HMV - It might be a little more expensive, but It'll be worth it.

Also, check out this thread:

Thanks mate really informative!!!


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I'd say as they have great customer service. If you're going to pay full retail for something make sure you're doing it for a reason.

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Ok I own the dreaded IE2 by Bose and it is Ok if you need zero isolation and are ok with mediocre sound quality. If it retailed for around $50 it would be about right for it's sound quality. It is very comfortable though.

I also have owned the IE8 and MTPC/G and am currently using VSonic GR07 and believe the GR07 is cheaper and better than both of those IEM's offering a sound signature that is the best of both of them in many ways.
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