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Larry you can count on Jerry showing the 3a at RMAF, the bugs are relatively minor at this point.

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Yes! I think I can make it to this!

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It's going to be GREAT as always, and I'm proud to have supported CanJam since it started!  Also RMAF, Marjorie does an amazing job (especially given that Al, her beloved husband to started RMAF, passed away just before the show a couple years ago - and she has battled on - as he would have wanted it that way - she's a truly incredible woman).  Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is what high end audio shows should be: About community, great sound, great music, and great friends!!  I'll be there, covering Canjam as well as RMAF!!

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Mike it will be great to see you again, the CanJam room is shaping up to be better than ever. Make sure you stop by when we host our Beer Social toast to Head-fi's tenth year on the web! (in other words we'l have a keg or two of great beer to drink in the room)


ID's will be reguired (even us old farts) as the hotel is staffing our beer social

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Likewise brotha!!  You can count on my presence at the social - and my wifey (Alexandra) is actually joining me this year!!  I'm PUMPED she finally gets to meet alot of audio buddies she's been hearing about for more than a decade!!  Count on some serious coverage from me in not only PFO, but The Daily Swarm.com as well - which will reach FAR more music people, and it'll be great for CanJam, HeadFi, RMAF, and Hifi in general! Lets show em there's more to headphones than, as Jude puts it: The come-withs!!!!  Should be a BLAST  - and I can't wait to scope which products to write about!!  ooh ooh, DROOL

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Originally Posted by jp11801 View Post

Mike it will be great to see you again, the CanJam room is shaping up to be better than ever. Make sure you stop by when we host our Beer Social toast to Head-fi's tenth year on the web! (in other words we'l have a keg or two of great beer to drink in the room)


ID's will be reguired (even us old farts) as the hotel is staffing our beer social

Do we need to do anything special to have a table reserved for our personal gear?  I'll have my CDP-8 and Apple TV > PWD > ZDT, but am still considering bringing the WES or KGSS or both.  I'll have to see how much fits into my Infiniti G35x, but I'm sure the KGSS will be easier to pack and set up than the WES.

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nope Larry we'll have a table for you


any Denverites rallying the troops!

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While I know we are primarily interested in the headphone stuff, you'd be crazy not to check out all the great gear that will be there here is the full list so far from the RMAF web site

RMAF 2011 Exhibitors

à la carte productions - Colorado Springs, Colorado United States  (view )
Aaudio imports - Parker, Colorado United States  (view )
Acoustic Sounds, Inc. - Salina, Kansas United States  (view )
Aesthetix - Moorpark, California United States  (view )
Alfred & Partners - Tallinn, Harjumaa (Tallinn) Estonia  (view )
ALO Audio - Portland, Oregon United States  (view )
Amarra :: Sonic Studio - San Anselmo, California United States  (view )
Analysis Audio - Mountainside, New Jersey United States  (view )
Angel City Audio - Rancho Cucamonga, California United States  (view )
Apex Audio - Denver, Colorado United States  (view )
Arte Forma Audio - Stone Mountain, Georgia United States  (view )
Artemis Labs - Simi Valley, California United States  (view )
Atma-Sphere Music Systems, Inc. - St. Paul, Minnesota United States  (view )
Atocha Design New York - New York, New York United States  (view )
AudeoWorld - Brentwood, Tennessee United States  (view )
Audez'e Inc. - Santa Monica, California United States  (view )
Audio Alternative - Fort Collins, Colorado United States  (view )
Audio Amateur Inc. - Peterborough, New Hampshire United States  (view )
Audio Federation Inc. - Boulder, Colorado United States  (view )
Audio Limits - Colorado Springs, Colorado United States  (view )
Audio Note U.K. - Hove, East Sussex United Kingdom  (view )
Audio Physic - Deux-Montagnes, Quebec Canada  (view )
Audio Plus Services - Champlain, New York United States  (view )
Audio SUMMA - San Pedro, California United States  (view )
Audioarts - New York, New York United States  (view )
Audioengine - San Luis Obispo, California United States  (view )
AudioEvo.org - Orangevale, California United States  (view )
Audion - La Genetouze, Poitou Charente France  (view )
Audiopax - Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro Brazil  (view )
AudioQuest - Ivine, California United States  (view )
Avalon Acoustics - Boulder, Colorado United States  (view )
Avatar Acoustics - Fayetteville, Georgia United States  (view )
AYON AUDIO USA - Scottsdale, Arizona United States  (view )
Ayre Acoustics - Boulder, Colorado United States  (view )
Balanced Power Technologies - Defiance, Missouri United States  (view )
BASSOCONTINUO USA - Scottsdale, Arizona United States  (view )
Bel Canto Design - Minneapolis, Minnesota United States  (view )
Benchmark Media Systems - Syracuse, New York United States  (view )
Benz-Micro - Oakland, California United States  (view )
beyerdynamic Inc. - Farmingdale, New York United States  (view )
Blu Note Audio & Home Theater - Denver, Colorado United States  (view )
Bob's Devices - Wilimington, North Carolina United States  (view )
BogdanAudioCreations - Findlay, Ohio United States  (view )
BorderPatrol Audio Electronics - White Plains, Maryland United States  (view )
BRODMANN Acoustics - Vienna, Wien Austria  (view )
Bryston Ltd. - Peterborough, Ontario Canada  (view )
Burmester of North America - Berlin, Berlin Germany  (view )
Cable Company - New Hope, Pennsylvania United States  (view )
capriceaudio - Middletown, Connecticut United States  (view )
Channel D Computer Audio - Trenton, New Jersey United States  (view )
CLASSIC AUDIO LOUDSPEAKERS - Brighton, Michigan United States  (view )
Clearaudio - Oakland, California United States  (view )
Concert Fidelity - Karuizawa-machi, Nagano Japan  (view )
Conrad Johnson - Santa Barbara, California United States  (view )
Cordell Audio - Holmdel, New Jersey United States  (view )
Cypher Labs LLC - Lake Oswego, Oregon United States  (view )
Daedalus Audio - Ferndale, Washington United States  (view )
Dan D'Agostino - Weston, Connecticut United States  (view )
DCCA Audio - Jamestown, Rhode Island United States  (view )
deHavilland Electric Amplifier Co. - Vancouver, Washington United States  (view )
Densen Audio (USA) - Redmond, Washington United States  (view )
Denver Audio Designs - Centennial, Colorado United States  (view )
DEQX Pty Limited - Brookvale, New South Wales Australia  (view )
DeVore Fidelity, Ltd - Brooklyn, New York United States  (view )
Doshi Audio/Paragon Sound - Ann Arbor, Michigan United States  (view )
Dynamic Sounds Associates, LLC - Potomac, Maryland United States  (view )
Eddie Current, LLC - Calabasas, California United States  (view )
Eficion LLC - Sammamish, Washington United States  (view )
EKCO UK AUDIO USA - Scottsdale, Arizona United States  (view )
Emerald Physics - Lahaina, Hawaii United States  (view )
Emotiva Audio - Franklin, Tennessee United States  (view )
EnKlein - Lees Summit, Missouri United States  (view )
Esoteric - Montebello, California United States  (view )
Exemplar Audio - Everett, Washington United States  (view )
fidelis distribution - Derry, New Hampshire United States  (view )
First Sound - Renton, Washington United States  (view )
First Watt - Foresthill, California United States  (view )
FletcherHaynes Audio - Denver, Colorado United States  (view )
Fono Acustica - Estepa, Sevilla Spain  (view )
For The Records - Lafayette, Colorado United States  (view )
Fosgate - Oakland, California United States  (view )
FRITZSPEAKERS.COM - Redondo Beach, California United States  (view )
Front Panel Express LLC - Seattle, Washington United States  (view )
Galibier Design LLC - Erie, Colorado United States  (view )
Genesis Advanced Technologies - Seattle, Washington United States  (view )
German Physiks - Maintal, Hessen Germany  (view )
Get Better Sound - Cumming, Georgia United States  (view )
Gingko Audio - Colts Neck, New Jersey United States  (view )
Gold Sound - Englewood, Colorado United States  (view )
GOTO USA LLC - Centreville, Virginia United States  (view )
GR Research - Iowa Park, Texas United States  (view )
Graham - Oakland, California United States  (view )
GTT Audio & Video - Long Valley, New Jersey United States  (view )
Harman HPAV - Elkhart, Indiana United States  (view )
Head-Direct Corporation - Elmhurst, New York United States  (view )
HeadAmp Audio Electronics - Charlottesville, Virginia United States  (view )
HeadRoom Corporation - Bozeman, Montana United States  (view )
Hear No Evil - Westminster, Colorado United States  (view )
HEGEL - Oslo, Oslo Norway  (view )
High Water Sound - New York, New York United States  (view )
HIGH-END PALACE REFERENCE MUSIC ROOM - Miami, Florida United States  (view )
HOLBORNE swiss audio instruments - Buus, Basel-Landschaft Switzerland  (view )
Home Audio Sound LLC - Brighton, Colorado United States  (view )
Induction Dynamics - Overland Park, Missouri United States  (view )
JCmehil - New York, New York United States  (view )
Jeff Rowland Design Group, Inc. - Colorado Springs, Colorado United States  (view )
JHAudio - Apopka, Florida United States  (view )
JIB Germany - Fremont, California United States  (view )
JM Reynaud, dist. by Amherst Audio - Amherst, Massachusetts United States  (view )
Jolida, Inc. - Annapolis Junction, Maryland United States  (view )
Jones Audio - Enumclaw, Washington United States  (view )
Joseph Audio - Melville, New York United States  (view )
Kaiser GmbH - Untergriesbach, Bayern Germany  (view )
KEF - Marlboro, New Jersey United States  (view )
Kimber Kable - Ogden, Utah United States  (view )
Kubala-Sosna Research - Cedar Knolls, New Jersey United States  (view )
Laufer Teknik - Roxbury, Connecticut United States  (view )
Legacy Audio - Springfield, Illinois United States  (view )
Lindemann audiotechnik GmbH - Krailling, Bayern Germany  (view )
Linear Audio - Hoensbroek, Limburg Netherlands  (view )
Linkwitz Lab - Corte Madera, California United States  (view )
ListenUp - Denver, Colorado United States  (view )
Lowther America - Forest Park, Illinois United States  (view )
LSA Group - Nashville, Tennessee United States  (view )
LUMENWHITE USA - Scottsdale, Arizona United States  (view )
Luxman - San Juan Capistrano, California United States  (view )
MA Recordings - Encino, California United States  (view )
Madisound - Middleton, Wisconsin United States  (view )
Magico LLC - Berkeley, California United States  (view )
Martin Logan Ltd. - Lawrence, Kansas United States  (view )
MBL North America - New York, New York United States  (view )
Merlin Music Systems - Hemlock, New York United States  (view )
ModWright Instruments, Inc. - Amboy, Washington United States  (view )
Moon Audio - Holly Springs, North Carolina United States  (view )
Mosaic Audio - Torrington, Wyoming United States  (view )
MSB Technology - Aptos, California United States  (view )
Music Culture Technology - Passaic, New Jersey United States  (view )
Musical Concepts/Musical Design - Saint Peters, Missouri United States  (view )
Musical Surroundings - Oakland, California United States  (view )
Naim Audio Ltd. - Indianapolis, IN, Indiana United States  (view )
Napa Acoustic - Fremont, California United States  (view )
Nola Speakers (Accent) - Holbrook, New York United States  (view )
Nordost Corporation - Ashland, Massachusetts United States  (view )
Odyssey - Indianapolis, Indiana United States  (view )
Onda Systems Inc - Calgary, AB, Alberta Canada  (view )
Onedof LLC - Littleton, Colorado United States  (view )
Onkyo - Upper Saddle River, New Jersey United States  (view )
Orpheus Media - Yverdon les bains, Vaud Switzerland  (view )
PARTS EXPRESS - Springboro, Ohio United States  (view )
Peachtree Audio - Bellevue, Washington United States  (view )
Playback Designs - Portland, Oregon United States  (view )
PMC USA - Irvine, California United States  (view )
Polk Audio - Baltimore, Maryland United States  (view )
Precision Audio & Video - Moorpark, California United States  (view )
PRECISION TRANSDUCER ENGINEERING - Orange, California United States  (view )
Purist Audio Design - Clute, Texas United States  (view )
Purity Audio Design - Endicott, New York United States  (view )
RAAL ADVANCED LOUDSPEAKER - Zajecar, Serbia Serbia  (view )
Ray Samuels Audio - Skokie, Illinois United States  (view )
Red Wine Audio - Durham, Connecticut United States  (view )
Reference Recordings - San Francisco, California United States  (view )
Resonessence Labs - Kelowna, British Columbia Canada  (view )
Salk Sound - Oakland, Michigan United States  (view )
Sanders Sound Systems - Conifer, Colorado United States  (view )
Schiit Audio - Newhall, California United States  (view )
SEAS - Lake Forest, Illinois United States  (view )
Serious Stereo - Livingston, Montana United States  (view )
Silbatone Acoustics - Seoul, Soul-t'ukpyolsi Korea, Republic of  (view )
Silverline Audio Technology, Inc. - Concord, California United States  (view )
Simaudio Ltd. - Boucherville, Quebec Canada  (view )
Sjöfn HiFi - Seattle, Washington United States  (view )
Software Sales & Accessories - Denver, Colorado United States  (view )
Sonore by Simple Design - Miami Lakes, Florida United States  (view )
SORAsound - Chicago, Illinois United States  (view )
Soundings - Denver, Colorado United States  (view )
Soundstring Cable Technologies, LLC - South Norwalk, Connecticut United States  (view )
SPL Electronics - Corona, California United States  (view )
STAHL~TEK, LLC - Clute, Texas United States  (view )
Stereophile - Brooklyn, New York United States  (view )
Stillpoints LLC - Woodville, Wisconsin United States  (view )
Straight Wire - Hollywood, Florida United States  (view )
STUDIO ELECTRIC - Salt Lake City, Utah United States  (view )
Sumiko - Berkeley, California United States  (view )
Sutherland Engineering - Kansas City, Missouri United States  (view )
Symposium Acoustics - Wayne, New Jersey United States  (view )
Synergistic Research, Inc. - Irvine, California United States  (view )
TEAC Reference Series - Montebello, California United States  (view )
Tempo - Waltham, Massachusetts United States  (view )
Teresonic LLC - San Jose, California United States  (view )
The Audio Salon - Beverly Hills, California United States  (view )
The BOLDER Cable Company - Littleton, Colorado United States  (view )
The Sound Organisation - Dallas, Texas United States  (view )
Todd The Vinyl Junkie - Three Forks, Montana United States  (view )
Transparent Audio, Inc. - Saco, Maine United States  (view )
Tri-Planar - Minneapolis, Minnesota United States  (view )
Triode Corporation Ltd. - Koshigaya-shi, Saitama Japan  (view )
True Audiophile - Santa Monica, California United States  (view )
Trueharmonix - Redmond, Washington United States  (view )
Usher Audio - Dallas, Texas United States  (view )
VAC / Valve Amplification Company - Sarasota, Florida United States  (view )
VELOCE AUDIO - Ambler, Pennsylvania United States  (view )
Velodyne Acoustics - Morgan Hill, California United States  (view )
Vitus Audio - Herning, Ringkobing Denmark  (view )
Volti Audio - Benton, Maine United States  (view )
Von Schweikert Audio - Murrieta, California United States  (view )
VortexBox - Bedford, New Hampshire United States  (view )
VOVOX HIFI USA - Scottsdale, Arizona United States  (view )
VTL Amplifiers, Inc. - Chino, California United States  (view )
WADIA - Saline, Michigan United States  (view )
Wavelength Audio - Cincinnati, Ohio United States  (view )
Westone Laboratories, Inc. - Colorado Springs, Colorado United States  (view )
Woo Audio - Elmhurst, New York United States  (view )
Wood Artistry, L.L.C. - Healdsburg, California United States  (view )
WW Speaker Cabinets Division - Mundelein, Illinois United States  (view )
WYRED 4 SOUND - Paso Robles, California United States  (view )
WyWires, LLC - Van Nuys, California United States  (view )
Xact Audio - Boise, Idaho United States  (view )
Zesto Audio - Thousand Oaks, California United States  (view )
Zu Audio - Ogden, Utah United States  (view )


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Time to start attendance negotiations with the Powers That Be.

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I am definitely making the trip from Texas to attend my first Audio Fest. Hope to meet a lot of like minded audio heads!!!


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Can't make it this year but next year might be the Year of my first CanJam of many to come!
Still excited to see what will be shown!
Take a lot of pictures for us who can't make it!


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I'm so glad I live in Colorado. The past two years, I've just went up for a day. This year, I might get a hotel room that's closer in Denver, so I can spend two days there.


I also think the social would be cool to go to, but I'm under age, is it strictly a bar or is it more like a grill/bar? In other words, is it legal for me to be near it and maybe get some food instead.

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I'm wondering If you can make a request for a product to be available for demo (given that certain vendors have that product). Because I'm really curious about the MDR-XB1000s simply because they seem delightfully ridiculous. 70mm Divers! basshead.gif. They also might not be too bad as far as balance goes. I thought that the XB700s weren't bad. Even though they had loads of bass, it seemed well controlled to me. But It's also been a while since I heard those.

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Those underage can attend the social for Head-Fi's 10th anny but can't drink. By all means please stop bt and hang out.

If those are Sony products you mention they are not attending the headphone section but I believe they did bring their new statement speakers last year.
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Hi Jude,


I was at RMAF last year, as well as CanJam - both were great, and I look forward to splitting my time between both again this year. 

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