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New headphones

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So i got the Sony MDR NC7's for christmas  about 2-3 years ago, and basically I've been replacing bits of it over the last few years, the only part of it thats still from the original pair is the actual speakers and a few parts of the wire, the rest is other pieces of headphones and burnt electrical tape and I need some new headphones because this is ridiculous. I need some with the same sound quality or better, over the ear, preferably sound cancelling within the 100 dollar price range, any suggestions?

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Hello, and welcome to head-fi!


Which kind of music you like? Are they for home listening? 

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I don't really listen to music on my headphones at home very often. Mostly when I'm on the bus or walking somewhere or traveling and stuff.

as for what music I like, I really love The Seatbelts, jazz stuff, wolfmother, the fratellis, a bit of classical stuff, anamanaguchi, the arctic monkeys, some rap, mostly a bit of everything i guess.

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Check the Shure SRH440's. They do well on most music genres...a pretty balanced headphone.  

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a good headphone is very expensive.smily_headphones1.gif

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which kind do you want to choose?

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