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Shure SE-215

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I just bought a pair of these and they were delivered today, great stuff! However, I can't for the life of me manage to remove the primary cable nor the sleeves. I'm afraid to put too much pressure on the driver itself, and I have no idea how to get the sleeves up without tearing them up. The instruction booklet is next to useless, providing only picture directions.


Any help?



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I've read in the forums that it helps to put them in the freezer for 10 minutes or so and then try again.


Hope this helps.

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Put them in a plastic bag, suck the air out, and put them in the freezer for about 3 minutes.  They should not need any longer.  The olive tips will go firm, and then you can gently rotate them, and they should come off easier.


This is the method I used for my SE425's and it works well.


They should only need a few minutes.  I see 10 minutes quoted a lot - but I for one wouldn't want to take that sort of risk with the internals .....

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i tried freezing my sE-530 last time and it helps the grip a lot....comes off without issues


i did it for 10-20 mins i think

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my friend broke his se215s because he tried taking off the tips in the winter when it was cold.. he figured the cold make the plastic brittle.

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If you don't like the freezer idea you can try prying it out with your fingernails. Just grip the bottom with your fingernails and twist and pull. I know it sounds weird but it works for my se535s. 

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yea I'm resorting to that. you shouldn't have to pull it out too often right? I get worried when I see my exertions have flattened the poor olives.

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just want to thanks you guys for saving my earphones. i want to say for the future buyers of the Shure XX#15 line that the freezer solution works 100%, i just unboxed my 215s and could not remove the olives.. remembered that i had saw this thread when checking out reviews. so i put them in the freezer for 7 minutes, works perfectly! THANK YOU!

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