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Omaha Head-Fi Meet #3 - October 29th @ CE - Page 3

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Looking forward to this event.  Keep us posted!

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Hey guys.  I live in central Nebraska but have in-laws in Omaha.  I have been looking for a meet close to  home.  I would love to get in on this and bring some gear.

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Still thinking april.

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Originally Posted by Aynjell View Post

Still thinking april.

Good to hear! Just let me know when/where and I'll try my hardest to make it. I now own a pair of HD 25-1 II's...I'll make sure to bring those as well.



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I'm from Des Moines and would love to meet up sometime. As long as its not the first weekend of April. (The Masters)

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I agree. I have both class and my birthday. I will be busy that weekend of April 1st.

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I'm thinking we're going to try and skip all the raffle prizes this time and just get everyone together. If anybody else wants to try and organize sponsors, please do. :)


I simply will not have the time for it, but others have suggested that we do that. Can we all agree on a day in april that works well before I contact CE?

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Anything in April looks good for me as of now. Seriously would be me first meet ever. What do I bring? Everything, just the cool stuff (everything), just the expensive stuff?

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I'm a noobie too, and a friend of Nylan.  I hope to be there, and learn from everyone.

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More the merrier, all. I'm going to be skipping seeking sponsors this time and focus on just a pure event. We will all meet up at CE as per usual, I'll get larry and figure out the best date for him.

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Never mind about my issues with Sundays. I get out of class by noon and would be able to make any meet on Sunday after that.


Sorry, just realized it.



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I am a Head-fi newbie, looking forward to attending this event. Any Sunday in April okay with me. Larry is waiting for your call. Please let me know if I can help.

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Douger333 is going to be taking over. here is the link to his thread. Pile in folks.

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In case anyone hasn't seen this:  HeadFi Omaha April 20th, 2013

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