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iBasso P4 with Hifilght's topkit sounds absolutely stunning. I just tried it yesterday and the LCD 2 are recabled to th Moon Audio Dilver Dragon. The P4 is on high gain and the volume knob is around 12 o'clock
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I use a CEntrance HiFi-M8 with my LCD-2.2s and it sounds fantastic.  The amp at least to my ears seems to have a very neutral presentation with the LCD-2s so it doesn't detract or add from the silky midrange and great bass of the LCD-2s.

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That's the one I use and it works like a charm.

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I used my LCD-2s with a Pico amp/dac combo at work and it sounded very good.  I'm sure there's always better, but this is super small and the charge lasted a very long time.

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Is it sensible to buy the LCD 2 for my fiio x5 with a suitable amp?? If so, what amp should I buy?
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This is a great thread !! - I just wanted to add i use a Neco V3 portable amp  with a Walkman MP3 player (NWZ) and to my ears the sound is lovely !! 

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I see Neco has a V4 amp out that has some serious power - i think for the cost this would be hard to beat...

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Is there anybody who has had experience of using an IBASSO PB2 with LCD 2's - apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere - I am just finding my way on Head Fi...I was wondering if the power of this amp drives them well???

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with new dac/amps is there a new king out for audeze lcd2ewv2

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