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Originally Posted by Marco Angel View Post

Where did you buy them?

I debatedgetting them used but nah I want to be the first owner and have them fresh.
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Got them, interesting iems.

First off, build quality of the housing is fantastic, smaller than I expected and still very premium, don't be fooled thinking these are cheap compared to the 1000.

The cable im iffy about, its very thin but then again I have been using the xb90 which has awesome cables. 9/10

Sound quality is well....awesome!

Lows: very good! Has a punch but it is very clear, compared to the xb90 it has less punch but you hear finer details. 9/10

Mids: fantastic, best of the lot imo, the voices coming from this iem are super clear and you hear all the details. 10/10

Highs: clear and pronounced, I don't hear any harshness that people speak about. 9/10

Soundstage: Wide! The music goes all over your head and separation is fantastic, not clogged at all. 10/10

Comfort is epic, its like you dont even feel anything on, they are over the ear which at first I did not like at all but it is a simple adjustment, you get used to it. 10/10

Isolation I was worried about as everyone said it was ok-bad, personally I dont see it, I think they isolate very well, not to mention these can go loud and still be clear so its not an issue. 8.5/10

Overall I would say that the sound from these are clear, spacious, detailed and balanced with a hint of spice so that they don't sound flat and boring.

Overall Im happy with my xb90 but these are pretty great. 9/10 overall imo.

Right now Im not sure what to do, I like these but I wonder how much I will use them, I think the xb90 is awesome for all around daily use and its built well, easy to use and the SQ is fantastic, honestly it sounds if you took the 600 and ramped up the bass and subass especially at the expense of a bit of mid and high quality, soundstage is still there.

I also want to get the xbac10 for iphone mic use so I dont need 3 headphones.
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Enjoy them! Probably they are going to be the only 'audiophile ' headphones for that fantastic price.
With the soaring prices of headphones and daps, you won't get another in this price range.
I have no isolation problem with any Sony IEM and all I use are the green tips which are always set in the package.
I'm not sure what the housing is made of, but they do feel like they need care so be careful not to knock them around. I don't use the included case but built my own using a zippered pouch surrounded by foam as it's more convenient rather than winding it in its troublesome case.
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