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lol it was very nice of dcofficehack for that friendly warning.


i met a friend last week who had dr dre's powerbeats

and i showed him my soundmagic e10 which is more than 4times cheaper.

to prove a point like everyone else is trying to make here i a/bed them with my friend for 2min.

thats how long it took to convince him to trash his powerbeats.


like the others recommended, go for different ones.

sennheiser, audiotechnica, or klipsch will all serve you more than good.

better than anything you get at dr dre or bose for that price for sure.


so u can either return them and get something much better from people's recommendation

maybe even two pairs that are much better.

or you can just smash it and buy a diamond necklace.

not sure if those are able to plug into your dap though.

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This is such a troll

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