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Originally Posted by qusp View Post

indeed akm is the only chip maker that is giving ESS a run for its money at the moment imo, very good chips

Tell me more.


They have it at my local dept. store (ibasso boa, D12, T3), The fiio range, CLAS and fostex and a few others.


I will give it a trial in store soon, thinking it to replace my CMoy royal as my daily to go amp. 


Not sure If its worth it as I won't be able to use the DAC on  a portable??


My CMoy royal (with the two big op amps) has a great sound range and separation, but I want a bit less less treble and more mids.

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sorry i dont know that much about this unit in particular, i just know that the top range akm chips are the only ones that are really giving the ess chips any competition as far as specs and from all reports of them they sound really very excellent too with the right design. this wont be using their flagship 32 bit chips the AK4480, but to name a few others not mentioned here, the esoteric D-05 (and probably newer models too), slim devices transporter (and of course the modwright upgraded version) the denon sacd players etc etc, in fact i think the jh3a uses an akm.


its only going to be useful as a portable dac if you have a device that can feed it usb, such as a laptop, netbook etc, its possible it will work with the ipad via the camera connection kit and no you wont be able to connect to your dap dock connection, like the fostex (which i believe uses an akm chip too) or clas, just to get that question out of the way before you ask it =)

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I live in Tokyo and am thinking about picking this up to drive my new JH16s using an iPod nano as the source. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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Just got this from ibasso when I asked about components:


The D5HJ use the AK4096 as the DAC chip, It has ASRC upsampling chip, and TAS1020B as the USB receiver.
The OPAMPs are sanded and printed off.
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I'd sell my future children into slavery for a beast-mode version of the DB2 that has an octet of PCM1704UK chips in it, a portable AudioGD RE-7 if you will...too bad this is most likely impossible.  I'd love to see more DAC chip options for iBasso products, although the WM8740 is a good chip.  

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Did this ever came out?

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Originally Posted by audionewbi View Post

Did this ever came out?

its been out in Japan for quite some time.

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