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DIY Neck Cinch for IEM's

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I'm a big fan of the neck cinch. Both for keeping my IEM's tangle-free when stored and for a slightly tighter fit when moving about. Searched around here for quite some time trying to find solutions for adding a neck cinch onto earphones that did not come with one, but never found anything. First tried transplanting a cinch off a broken IEM, however the cable widths were the limiting factor. And then I saw my friend, the cable (zip) tie..


Using the smallest size zip tie I had (I believe it was the 4" length, measures about 1 cm in width), I zipped it onto the cord,tight enough to stay put, but still able to be moved with applied force. I did this part very slowly to make sure the tension was right. Then cut off the end and started burning the cut end to round out the plastic.


photo 1.JPG

photo 3.JPG


photo 5.JPG


Not ideal, but it works. Now I like my IEM's more...

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I like your idea, but I stumbled upon something even more interesting:


DHC "Microtubule" Silicone IEM Slider


It's just a little silicone donut, but can stretch big enough to go over connectors or jacks. I just put them on two ALO SXC 24 cables. I had to get needle nose pliers with very small tips, but then it was quite easy.




The only problem is that DHC has a minimum order of $30 and the sliders are $0.25, so you need to buy some other stuff to get them (I ordered some of their cable boxes, which are very nice). I haven't seen the sliders anywhere else.

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