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new headphone

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hi im new to headphones ive just been using my apple earphone but i got some money and would like to buy a new pair of headphones my price range is 150-250 usd. i want it to be comfortable. on the go ( portable). and somewhat stylish (not make me look like an alien). i have been looking into akg k480 and ultrasone hfi 780. would you recommend these headphones for my needs. if not any suggestions would be appreciated

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Musical selection? We need to know what you like to listen to.


As a customary welcome, Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet!

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mostly rock/punk/pop. also im looking for good bass but not too much like the beats

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The HFI780s may be a good choice. I haven't heard the AKGs yet.


The 780s however are treble-based (though there is still some bass) so I don't know how they would fare with your genres.


I would go for the HFI580s. The treble is much toned down from the 780s while increasing bass impact, though by no means muddying other parts of the spectrum. Of course, you'll have to audition both to find out what type of sound sig you prefer.

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do you think it will go well with my ipod?

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and do you think i can walk around with them on comfortably?

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