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Cans for $250

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Hi, sorry if there's a dedicated thread for this. I just wanna ask Head-Fi's opinion on the best cans(portable or not) at this price range. Would prefer something with great isolation. I read a lot of reviews, but am not accustomed to terminologies, and they don't seem to translate well. Musical preferences:

1) Rock - The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Simon and Garfunkel, Evanescence, some Led Zeppelin.

2) Orchestra

3) Classical Music - Most notably piano and cello.

4) Vocal-centric - Emi Fujita, Lady Antebellum, Rebecca Pidgeon, some opera.


I'll be purchasing a J3 16 GB as well, so if your suggestion isn't portable, that money could go to amp/(DAC/amp) (I seriously have no idea about these stuffs). Currently I am eyeing TMA-1 and HD-25 1 ii because of the looks, but have no idea how they sound.


Thanks in advance!

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Fisher Audio has great cans in your price range.

There are several models like FA004, FA003 or FA002

Some isolate better then other but as far as I recall, FA003 is the closed type.

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what about their performance in my musical selection? sorry, I can't audition them, so wanted to know as much as I could before I jump.

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