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I just got my V6's. Awesome! I'd take better pics but, I don't want to take them out of my ears!


Fit is great so far. They don't seem to cause any pain and I can't get them to break seal. They look superb. The color is perfect. And of course they sound fantastic!


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They look awesome! Ahh, getting excited now for mine, I'll have them in 10 days! Did you let them burn in, do you think there's a need to do that? 



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I typically just listen to them for burn in. However, mine were bought from a member on here and remolded. So, they probably have enough hours on them anyway.

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Nice. What are you listening to and on?

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I'm listening to all my stuff. Which is all over the board.:)


I'm listening through itunes> Leckerton UHA-6S MKII> V6. Or I listen straight from my iphone.

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Is there a big difference in driving them through iPhone or through an external DAC or amp?

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Originally Posted by St0rMl0rD View Post

Is there a big difference in driving them through iPhone or through an external DAC or amp?

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Hm, allright, I guess I'll have to consider investing into a DAC then in some near future. Thanks!

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OK, so my V6-Stages have been shipped yesterday, so I'll get them on Monday (they arrive sooner, but I don't get to unbox and test them before Monday). Just filled out the tax paperwork, so let's see how this adds up…1964 Ears valued the package at 100 USD, but the delivery company asked me for a confirmation of a receipt, so I had to send it to them, stating the full price…Not sure how they can value it at 100 USD if they know, that the customs usually open up the package or request the confirmation of payment, which I have to send to them and includes the full value, not the 100 USD...

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1) it's probably not a good idea to write down the exact declared value on a public forum, so you might want to edit your post, and

2) this is definitely a matter you should call/write to 1964 about rather than ask us!  if anything they could draft an affidavit of how they arrived at that declared value, or an amended invoice for you to send to customs.

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So, I spoke too soon and my CIEM's are headed back to 1964. I had thought I was getting a proper seal until I was pushing in on the bottom near the canal and the bass improved significantly. I hope they come back needing only the one refit. I took some more photos before I sent them off. Here's a decent one.


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What happens during a refit? Do you have to get another set of impressions from an audiologist and send those into 1964?

Also, does anyone know how long it takes once your order status shows that your impressions have been trimmed (Step 4 out of 10)? I'm getting anxious and hoping it'll be here in time for Christmas :ksc75smile:

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It depends on the fit. Sometimes describing the issue is all you need but if it's bad you should get another set of impressions. 


Also I tried my V6 Stage today for first time in a week or two and they definitely don't lose out too much even against the JH13. Granted the JH13 is better but the V6 Stage isn't that far behind where it's a completely different league.

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OK, so I finally got my V6-Stages and I got to try them out today. I went with smoke shells and faceplates, recessed sockets, 64 inch clear cable and simple artwork. The fit is awesome, just takes a bit getting used to, since it goes deep into the ear canal. The packaging is nice, once you clean the box (if there's any dust on it) it looks very nice. The IEMs themselves are built on a very high quality. I haven't noticed anything being wrong with them, I have only tested them for an hour or so. I'll let them burn in for the night, and do more testing tomorrow with some reference tracks - the Head-Fi reference CD. Compared to my 10 Pros, the bass is tighter and more defined, and the mids and the highs are way better and more present. It will take a bit of getting used to, since I was used to that sound for several years now. I'm sure I will have no problem :) 


Here are some pics of them as I unboxed them, hope you like them!











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Nice! They look great! I like the smoke color. I look forward to your further impressions. smily_headphones1.gif
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