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Dents in my head from K701 headband

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So I've noticed 2 mini dents on my head where the mini dents from the K701 headband are. I'm 20 and pretty sure my skull has stopped forming by now. They are not visible (of course thats because my hair is blocking the way) but you can clearly feel them.


What do?

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Get some K601s.

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I noticed the same thing. I thought my head was changing but noticed the dents appeared only after using the headphones and went away in a day or two. The 701 appreciation thread has some simple headband mods.

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Dents in your skull?  That's sort of frightening.

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I never had a problem with the K701 bumps, but if you did, I suggest either wrapping the headband in something to spread out the pressure, removing the bumps as in that thread, or just trying a different headphone.

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yeah, i've ever experienced it too when I had K701, but even my MS1i can make small dents on my head, maybe I have rubber skull or what I just don't know. (fyi, now my skull is back to normal form already)


luckily, my fav headphone for now is coming from ATH, which is have wing system that very very soft on my head.

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Originally Posted by lawonga View Post


What do?

Grow longer hair.


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Originally Posted by wind016 View Post

Grow longer hair.


I actually did grow my hair longer and it did help quite a bit (would have done it anyway if I didn't own the 701s at the time). The only headphone I've worn that can rival the 701/702 in discomfort is the AIAIAI TMA-1.

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Strangely enough, I have absolutely no hair and never noticed the bumps on the K702.


That aside, you don't have "dents" in your skull from headphones.  Even the extremely heavy cans aren't going to "dent" your head, and K701/702s are extremely lightweight.  It's simply a temporary depression in the scalp due to compression.  Don't worry about it.

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Only time I see the deents if i push down the headphones while putting them on with bald head. Tho of course I dont get the dents when I have a med afro.

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I got a pack of the kid's adhesive craft foam, and cut out a piece the size of the band and just stuck it on, and it works really well.

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ok, actually it isn't the skull but the thin meat on skull instead that got dented. (so that's confirm why I don't have any dents on my head now)


yeah I know, no way you can dent your skull with headphone.

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I'm bald and the 701s were my very first hi-end cans.  They were like silken-sounding torture devices from hell.  Pretty sure that headband was designed by a sadist.  Loved the sound, but had to sell them.  ATH cans are a bald man's dream come true.  atsmile.gif

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Wrap an Ace bandage around the headphone. Maybe not the most æsthetically pleasing solution, but it'll work and is easily reversable.
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yh, the bumps dont hurt its just i have massive grooves in my head now :(

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