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AKG K501 Help

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Hi, I have decided that I may move on to my second pair of open headphones after my happiness with my Senn 595s. I was truly looking for a headphone that could reproduce piano and other acoustic instruments very faithfully along with having an ideal soundstage for classical music. I stumbled upon the AKG brand and was surprised to learn about how much love the k501 headphones find amongst their owners, especially with classical lovers like me. Now I do not have the budget for the k701 equivalent so these seemed like the best deal, especially considering that many consider them more natural and superior phones. Now I just have a few questions about them.


    1. Where would be the best place to get my hands on a pair, used, refurbished, or new?


    2. Would an e7+e9 amp/dac be sufficient to drive these headphones, at least to most of their potential?


    3. If not, what other value phone (used is fine) can give the most similar classical performance and piano reproduction          while being in the same price range (k400?)? Obviously I would prefer to stick with the k501 but I'm not sure it can                  even be found anymore. frown.gif




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The Fiio E9 wouldnt have a problem driving the AKG K501. Since they drives the AKG 702s with ease.

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Thank you for your reply, I am relieved that the E9 is sufficient. Now my biggest concern is how I can actually get my hands on  the K501. Could anyone inform me on the best way to get one used or new?

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1. head-fi For Sale section

2. they can drive it, but not to the most of their potential

3. K-500

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I would sell you mine but I still occasionally listen to them :) ..dB

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Thank you all for your replies. I think I will jump for the K501s even if they could be amped better. They are rare afterall. Now I'm contemplating on getting the ones on dBel84's link or waiting for ones that are more cosmetically pretty. (I intend to keep these permanently. tongue_smile.gif)

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The K-501 is a wonderful headphone. I still regret selling my pair - I only did because the K-1000 has a similar sound signature and better soundstage. Pick up a pair if you can.

If you love classical, keep an eye out for a used Beyerdynamic DT48. They're sensational for acoustic music.
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The K501 is the highest end AKG to me. It works well with cheap amplifcation, scales to the sky with better. The 701 never caught my ears the way the 501 did and it's really sad because I love the way they look.


Good luck on your search, these things are something of a treasure here!

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I think there's a recabled K501 at FS section right now

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Juantendo8, if you do get a pair, I would highly recommend using K601 pads with them. They are a big improvement.

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