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more than 8 to PM

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We're back, and we still want more than 8 to PM.


Could you raise it to like 15 so we can get our last couple members in our PM? I don't see how increasing this number would hurt anything, and it would make group buys simpler.

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more the 8 members per PM would be a great improvement.





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We used to have our 1000 posts thread, but you guys deleted that, so for the past 6 months we've been in the PMs.

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Pretty please!? Is it possible?

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does want! can haz?

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Agreed, more then 8.



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I aprove this petition.


free Dr Pepper for everyone! biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

I aprove this petition.


free Dr Pepper for everyone! biggrin.gif

Dr. Pepper is the greatest I for one hate Coke. tongue_smile.gif


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I'll throw in my endorsement. It's been a long time since I was very active on Head-Fi (busy enjoying the music and such), and I had forgotten that group PMs only allow eight people. I'm not sure whose department this falls under--either native devs or Huddler staff--but I think this proposal has merit. Bob makes a good point about group buys--granted having a forum thread might gain the endeavor more visibility, but allowing for larger group PMs will let involved parties discuss things in depth without making the thread too much to wade through for newcomers, who could see the announcement thread, post if they're interested, and then be included in the pertaining group PM to hammer out the particulars.


Or maybe I'm just talking out my behind as I've never been involved in a group buy, but from how I imagine the process this proposal might help keep things organized.

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Looks like no one besides us use/know about the mass PMs. Well, just in case, here is the thing:


How does Mass PM works?


When you send a PM you can chose to send it to several users, 8 most. then all users recieve it at the same time and anyone is able to reply, it becomes some sort of non-auto-updating chat.


All messages sent trough that PM will appear in the Inbox as the same PM with several replies, but Huddler will inform you that you have X number of PMs, meaning repliesinside the same PM. and I managed I manage to confuse you all enough to support this.


Here's a screenshot from Bobert's perspective:




In this case all those 85 messages are inside one PM.

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Still no response? Perhaps some more kitteh pictures will persuade Jude








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We need more peoples in our PM's!

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@ coolguy, pictures you posted are damn cute.

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I hear-by sign this petition.


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Also, if it's possible, can PMs be changed so it auto-focuses on the first unread post like threads do? That would be sooo sweet! And probably save my employer from paying my disability for even more added aggravation to my "I can't believe I don't have carpal tunnel yet" hands.
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