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Cables for the HRT Streamer II

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I plan on buying the HRT streamer II to play my FLAC collection over my stereo (Yamaha amp with B&W 500s). 


My computer will be about ten feet from my amp. Is it better to have a long USB cable and a short RCA? Visa versa? Does it even matter?


Also, which lowish cost cables would you recommend for that setup? I've read some debate over the value of nice USB cables which doesn't seem to be resolved.


Finally, is there such thing as a asynchronous USB cable?



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Usb cables only work upto 5metres, it's better to have a shorter usb cable and no more than 3metres for audio.


For a usb cable id recommend these , there just an upgraded usb 2.0 spec.


If you don't hear a difference then you haven't wasted to much money, for rca cables everyone agrees the bluejeans cables are good  .

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Thanks JRG. Any suggestions on a decent USB cable States Side?

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I have a streamer 2+, and you probably want to keep the USB cable short as said before. Just get one with filter and you should be good.

You should make sure you have enough power from the USB port too. And the player you're using on the computer can make a difference too. In my case Foobar2K wasn't working properly with the Wasapi drivers, so I switched to ASIO4all and after some fiddling I got it to work properly.

Don't give up right away if you have statics, there are solutions for that and in the end this is a nice sounding DAC.
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I just order this:


Is this adequate? Does it have a filter? Is it too long?

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If I were you, I'd try to limit the length of the usb cable (1,5m max)  and use a longer analog cable instead. Anyway, the possibilities are greatly depending upon your computer and how much power it can give through the USB cable. The shorter the cable the less chances to have static.


As for the filter I was talking about ferrite beads like these : The cable you selected doesn't have a filter, but you can also buy it separately for a few bucks.



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Thanks. How do I know how much power I can give through my USB cable?

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HRT is advising to use the rear USB on your computer, and if possible you should keep the streamer alone on its USB. So bottom line is rear USB and no sharing, and you should be good. In the worst case a self-powered USB hub should do the trick.
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