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Hello all,


I am new to IEM's at least those on a better quality scale. For headphones have been using Apple in ears and Shure SRH840 for the last year but now that I am changing my library to lossless I would like to experience better quality. I listen to classic rock, 80's and some country and pop. My main groups are Tragically Hip, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Tom Cochrane, etc.


I am looking to move into a good pair of IEMs that will provide good soundstage for the above types of genres. I like enough bass to be able to hear the kick drum and detail on the bass guitars but want it to be balanced so listening is not fatiguing and not bloated or boomy. I have been looking at the following and keep bouncing between which to buy based on reviews on this site. 


Shure SE535 or SE425

Westone W4 or UM3x

Sennheiser IE8


Being that I use with an iPhone and Macbook Pro I would like to be able to get a cable for them with the remote. I know this is available from Shure but no sure on the others (no pun intended). I am leaning toward the SE535s but am going back and forth with the Westones also since they all are about the same price. Fit wise I have always had to use the smallest inserts for the Apple In Ears and my Sony's. I tried a UE once and they didn't have a small enough insert for my ear and hurt to wear to long. Hope this helps.


Anyone provide some recommendations based on the above.