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Sennheiser HD650 DIY cable

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Hi! Sometime ago I bought the HD650 headphone and while I'm very happy with them I would like to change the cable. Recently I built the bottlehead crack amp and thought it would be nice to do my own cable. However since I don't have any experience building cables it would be good with some tips on how to do it, I searched around here but didn't find any guides or anything. 


I was thinking about using either Moon Audio Silver or Blue dragon and as I've understood these are cables with four leads inside them, there is a separate ground for each channel and one cable for each channel = 4. 

So basically all I have to do is solder the grounds to the connector on the phono-plug and to the cardas connectors, and then of course add the channel cables as well?


Also is it sufficient to use only cable shrink on the connectors and no protection for the cable itself? I was also wondering how you do the y-splitting in a nice way, help would be wounderfull! 




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Yeah. I know this post is old, but I wonder the same thing. Budget DIY cable for HD650...

Anyone to reply to the first post?

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I've been scouring the threads for a photo/step-by-step guide to make the Blue Dragon... but to no avail.  Anyone know of a good guide?

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