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I can tell you that the CKS70's add bass to every single thing you listen to. They add so much bass that they add bass to tracks where I previously didn't even know there was bass present, and usually this is bass in the form of someone moving the microphone in the recording studio or something. Honestly if you want to add bass to every rack, the CKS70 is a great option.


I had a pair of EB's and they are also intensely bassy, but honestly from a ease of use standpoint the CKS70's are easier to live with. Vocals are smoother on the 70's as well, and while I found the EB's a little metallic (a bit too V-shaped for me) the 70's are fun to listen to.


While I haven't heard the CKS90, all the reviews I have read suggest that it isn't actually more bassy (I can't imagine actually why you would want them more bassy heh) but bring more refinement to the rest of the sound.


Now keep in mind I don't actually think the CKS70 is balanced - far from it. But if you want bass on every track, they are quite literally a mind-blowing option. If you want something more refined, go with the Radius DDM.