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Headphones worth holding on to......collectable cans

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Hi, I think my Audeze LCD-2's are beautiful- both aesthetically & sonically. I think these are something that I would be proud to hand down to my kids in 20 years and something I think will be a true classic. Does anyone else agree & what are some other current models of cans that are destined to become renowned amongst collectors many years from now?
Thanks for reading.
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My AD1000PRM, I love its sound, fit and everything about it. Being a limited edition, it is not leaving my hands for sure.
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Oh the sweet allure of Grado. A classic design no established man can resist.

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I think the HF-1 and HF-2 are good collectibles. Fun headphones and made just for us. I mostly retired the HP-2 because I'd like it to stay in good shape.

Also why the K-1000 spends a lot of time sleeping in their box. I love them, but the HD-800 is awfully good and still in production. I hope the HD-800 stays in production a good, long time. If it gets discontinued, I'd probably box it away to preserve it.
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EDIT: SORRY I JUST NOTICED the original post...Current CANS...my bad.

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LCD2/HD800/W11R that's my take, although I never heard the W11R, still hunting for it. These three cans are some what on the opposite of each other which full fills the request for each type of music. I think it's a better idea for some one like me instead of having one all around cans. 

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i find pair of sansui ss-100's are worth the keeper if you can find them in great condition with no need of replacing anything. same thing goes for akg 240 sextett models, not just for looks but sonic qualities as well. i also think the older pioneer monitor 10's are a nice keeper. even tho not well off sonically the pioneer se-l40's are cosmatically really nice to stare at. i think as well old electrostatics like the koss E9's are wonderful to use if you can get a good pair and keep them running. there is more i can think of like some older wharfedale isodynamics,fostex and yamaha's but there is too many to list that can be or are keepers.

EDIT: crap,didn't read op correctly. my bad. for current cans i can say lot can be keepers but it depends on the person. i think personally pair of Kenwood KH-K1000 are well worth to be keepers if you own a pair.
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Of  current cans, the only one I can think of is the LCD2. There are lots of good phones around but I doubt many will have the future collectability of the Audeze.

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Yeah, LCD's: the wood, the grills, even the box, they wouldn't look out of place in a 1920's living room. I do like my Grado PS1000's, they look pretty cool as well IMO - almost streampunk.
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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

EDIT: SORRY I JUST NOTICED the original post...Current CANS...my bad.

EDITED OLD POST out of existenc.........   ...

No, it's all good, I guess I was curious about cans that are still in production because they are easy to acquire. When I bought my LCD-2's I always had their design in the back of my mind & I sold my wife on them by extolling their potential as an investment (mainly for their sound though), I saw them as an instant classic & was curious about others. By the same token I'm more than interested in existing classics and/or potential classics from any time - it's all an education & fascinating (to me at least). I really like the look of some of the older Stax earspeakers myself.
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For me: the grados are my love. PS1000 sounds just right to me

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I would actually vote in some more common but wildly popular sets as like with collectable cars, they were once sold to the masses... abused and used and only a select few remain in good condition many years down the road which makes them highly desirable.

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Although not in production but relatively easy to find used... Grado HF-2s get my vote.

Definitely keeping my pair!

What a special sound.

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Grado's HF models


Edition 8 Limited (888 made)

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