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Cavalli Liquid Fire + HD800?

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For those of you that have heard the Liquid Fire with the HD800s how did you like it? I have both a LCD-2 and a HD800 and am considering whether the HD800s should be paired with another amp.

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I actually got to listen to this combo at 32 Ohm in Portland a while back.  Of the 2 amps I plugged them into, I thought the Liquid Fire was the amp that sounded the best with the 800's........


BUT I'm not a big fan of the 800's sound in general so keep that in mind.


I plugged them into a Burson while I was there, too, and the pairing was WAY too hot (trebly).  It gave them some nice body but I thought my ears were going to start bleeding.  In the LF, they sounded much smoother and less etched on the top.  It was very liquid, too...great flow and air around the notes.  The mids were fantastic...I think I popped on some Adele and was really diggin' the way it handled all the vocal inflections she has.  But the bass was pretty much the same on both the Burson and the LF...with a slight edge in definition going to the LF.  I've read that the right amp will make the 800's sound not bass-shy but to me, they always do.  blink.gif 

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I own hd800/LF. They are good. Musical and transparent.

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my experience with the HD800 tells me that it will sound best on an OTL tube amp or a very good solid state amp.

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I have both the Liquid Fire and the HD-800's.

However my HD-800's are used as a back-up for my HE6' so I haven't used the HD-800's that much, but I do really like the HD-800's with my Liquid Fire amp. This is also the case with my WA5LE I mainly use my HE6's with that amp also, but I do like the HD-800's a little better with my Liquid Fire amp.

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I own both and I think they are a great combination.  In fact, I've been listening more and more to my HD800 since getting the LF.  I like the LF with the HD800 much more than with the Zana Deux SE and SPL Phonitor that I had in the past.

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