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For Sale: JH16

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For Sale:

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 6 weeks old.  Cannot seem to resolve fit issues in one ear.  JH has supposedly done all they can do.  I think they need to be completely re-molded frpm scratch and I am just too frustrated with the whole experience.  Would rather cut my losses and be done with it.  Should have stopped upgrading at W3/JH5.

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For Sale: $325 (USD)
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Just for a contrast, my Future Sonics MG6Pro had serious fit issues, too. David at Future Sonics first did a re-fit twice on my description. When that didn't work, he remade the pieces entirely. By the way, the first re-fit was out of the free re-fit time due to some mail delays, David said no problem, he would make sure I got the right fit.


When even that didn't work, he worked with the audiologist (an FS-recommended audiologist, who cost a bit more) and I got a free new ear impression (two impressions, one with larger bite block, one mouth closed) and David used these to compare with the old mold.


Now, I have an excellent fit. It took a while, but I disagree with the man-babies who have cried on other threads about custom work not happening exactly as quickly as they like (i.e., a week or two later). I think that the process of open and honest dealing, working with me and making sure I'd be happy was excellent.


I'm not a fanboy so I'm not saying that anyone should buy the MG6Pro (no earphone is right for everyone), just giving an example of how I think customer service should be.

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Going unamped, I just find JH16 a more refined sounding JH5.  Perhaps a 20% improvement.  The experience made me realize how great JH5 is.

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