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Which Hifiman to get?

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Hifiman has long been a darling of Head-Fi and while I've read much about its various products, I've never had an opportunity to listen to any of them. I'd pretty much decided that the next time I return to the States, I'd order a pair, but I can't seem to set myself down for a pair that would complement my other IEMs. I currently own the DBA-02 and the GR07, two great, complimentary IEMs, and I was considering getting a good pair of mid/vocal-centric IEMs. This seems to point me toward the RE262s. I'm just not sure though. I guess it's all conjecture at this point, but would the RE272 be a continuation of the RE262 sound? And would I be missing out by not trying out the 'legendary' (and cheaper) RE0?

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hmm haven't tried RE262 or the 272 but considering that you have a DBA-02. No point getting a Re0 :)


On a side note, when I tried the DBA-02, I realised that what most head-fier said is correct. Once you get past Re0, the law of diminishing returns sets in. For almost double the price of RE0, DBA-02 doesn't seem to be double the quality but rather a refinement =p

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Thanks for the input. I was thinking the same thing. I'm also looking for IEMs that do well with amps, and the RE262 seems to fit the bill with its high impedance.

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Don't forget the RE-ZERO as well, very solid little IEMs for their price. Though again, the fact that you already own DBA-02s applies like it does with the RE0.

At a meet recently I got a chance to hear a lot of high-end cans including Stax Omega, HD 800 and the like. At the end of the day my second favourite that I'd heard was the LCD-2, but the first was the RE-262. They were just stunningly good, and pretty much sum up exactly the kind of sound signature I like. If you want mid-centric then the 262s are pretty much up there with the SE 530s. Female vocals were just amazing. [Obviously take that with a pinch of salt, since I didn't get to spend a long time with them.]

My only problem with the RE-262s is that I don't have a pair of my own yet, though at the current stupidly low $150 price tag that could change quite quickly.

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My impression was that the RE ZERO was supposed to be the low impedance, higher sensitivity version of the RE0 with balanced plugs and slightly better bass. I don't nor want neither the low impedance nor the balanced plug. From what everyone's saying, the RE0/ZERO don't offer anything different from my DBAs, so I guess I'm either going with the RE262 or wait in bated breath for details of the RE272 to come out. I think ClieOS mentioned something about how the RE272 is going to have treble extension that rivals any other IEM, so that's exciting. If it retains the same mid-centric signature of the RE262, I might just get it. My main goal is to have a mid-centric IEM that also works well with a powerful amp.

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Originally Posted by JoetheArachnid View Post

 though at the current stupidly low $150 price tag that could change quite quickly.

Is this price only temporary while they are out of stock? or?

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Originally Posted by ASG View Post


Is this price only temporary while they are out of stock? or?


No, I think he's trying to say it's a steal at that price. Originally the RE262s were going to be sold for 250 but Hifiman decided to cut the price to 150. The sound quality for the RE262s is great if not wonderful. If you have a good source/amp and are a fan of vocals, the RE262s are for you. I too, can vouch for the RE262s as one of Hifiman's greatest IEMs currently released.   


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