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The headphones I own are easily driven by the dap's I own, and using IEM's will NOT always give you better SQ. As a matter of fact it's mostly the opposite. High-end IEM's tend to be quite inefficient and often times suffer from distortion/being underpowered due to the inability of a portable to power them correctly. The use of an amp is then recommended - and most go w/the recommendation.


As for the mathematical equations your using, that's like throwing up a smokescreen to try to confuse the new members. Try using laymens terms to make it easier for the average individual to understand what your trying to express. 


Either way you look at it, a Cowon, Sansa, or iPod will power most HP's quite nicely. And 600ohm can's aren't to be considered. Using something like that as an example is only trying to make the other person look like a fool - and it's actually the opposite. 


I own/ed Cowon, Sansa, Samsung, iPod, Archos (the Archos has the "meh" SQ), and Zune - all but the Archos & Zune can decently power all my cans - and by decent I mean GET LOUD W/EXCELLENT SQ & BASS.

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^not true.  I don't know where you get your ideas from, maybe from no experience, and no effort to get deeper understanding of things.  IEMs are harder to drive than cans??  Higher distortions??  Underpowered??  Anyways...  The math I've used is very fundamental stuff, and it applies to loudness and power to explain it more clearly.  I guess you don't know fundamental math.  normal_smile%20.gif  You need me to break it down in laymen terms for you?  I thought I did, I guess I need to go down lower for you?


I don't like to blindly call out Cowons or Sansa when asked for recommendations, I'd like to inform for the buyer to make wise decisions.

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Its alright man. I mean, I'm just barely in high school so I really don't know a thing about that whole equation looking thingy... but I'm sure it makes sense......... While I'm certainly no expert, I could say that high-quality IEMs would probably still need an amplifier, it just sounds like common sense to me. I think he means that hes just referring to powering high end IEMs directly from a DAP.

Anyways guys, its all good, just try not to beat each other up too much lolpopcorn.gif (I'm so flattered though). High_Q, just so you are aware, I sent you a PM about an unrelated topic to you, if you're able to respond that would be much appreciated.

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i got myself a 30gb zune ($70 ebay) because it has lod (extra 10 from another ebay seller) and i own a $20 e5. Leaves u the line out to upgrade with better amps -or start of with a e7- and so then u can power more headphones.


but im still waiting for my line out dock to come.

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Oh, yeah I really would want a LOD for an external amp, even if it is a Cowon/whatever else.


Does a Cowon have a LOD or some way to power it via external amp?

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^^Interested in that too. Currently I'm running the Pa2v2 through the Headphone out. Is there a better way to amp them? 

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Cowon doesnt have line out but do not quote me - do some research. I have this unexplained hate over apple products but otherwise the old iPod, old zune (only the 30gb version) and the Sansan fuze have a line out while remaining affordable. The creatize has it too.

My major concern over my player was line out and price (well the listed products r all ok for sq). So to me, a 30gb player for $70 is no more expensive then a micro SD card... I think I read somewhere that the zune has high quality sound from the headphone out too, so u can use ur Shure straight without an amp. Do understand I am biased because I bought the product however.
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