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For sure, we don't know how the folks at Price Japan are purchasing their units.

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IMO buying online is a gamble, but afaik we have two choices, either buy online for usually a lot cheaper and take the risk, or buy from a dealer at normally a higher price and help pay for theirs and the distributors mortgage.
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I'm really sorry to hear about the imbalance issues.  Has anybody opened up his 009 to see the inside?


The imbalance problem can often be fixed with recoating the diaphragm.

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Hardcore diy-er saying, indeed !


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Originally Posted by chinsettawong View Post

I'm really sorry to hear about the imbalance issues.  Has anybody opened up his 009 to see the inside?


The imbalance problem can often be fixed with recoating the diaphragm.


Stax basically replaces the diaphragms, that's what happened to meraias first recall.

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Interesting. I've contacted PJ about Marco's issues and pleaded they participate here. This AM I contacted them

about Meraias' issues.


thanks for your advice.
1. We have solid policy to participate any AV forums, because we had bad experience of mis-communicaton in AVS-forum,12 years before,  caused mainly from our poor English.
* but, we can answer your question if you have a question about our policy or reality of warranty-repair situation.
   You may post our telling to Head Hi-fi website, after collecting unnatural/wrong/irritating English usage.
2. I know that 'merias' had a bad results of his warranty claim, recently.
   But, 2 cases of his warranty claim, we have done our middleman's role faithfully.
         we transferred his SR-009 to Stax company, and 'after Stax repair' we returned it to them with Stax official repair report.
  'merias' is saying that there is still a problem.
But, stax is saying on their repair report '' Even after long-time test, we could not find any problem'
( our Stax dealer also did not find any imbalance issue.   Though my ear is not professional, I did not feel any abnormal sound with his SR-009.)
3.  'merias' maybe still true about his feeling inbalance issue. 
    But, we can't do more than middleman's role.  Our small margin (5% margin) does not allow us to make its refund.
   We know we are losing lots of sale opportunity, causing from this SR-009 issue. 
   But, we still can't do more than middleman's role.  
4.  As explained by your member, Essentially we are buying and reselling as a private entity, no different than an individual buying a pair in Japan and then selling them.  
   We are buying SR-009, using several purchase sources.   I don't think Stax can recognize us and is providing bad units of SR-009 exclusively to us.  I don't think that then can imagine that its final user is PriceJapan.
   We have to approach STAX each time as the "owner" for warranty work.  
    We are just tired of playing middleman's role for so many returns when STAX keeps telling them nothing is wrong with SR-009s.
5. We could stop selling SR-009.  But, there is no problem  for 95% case of SR-009.   ( but, SR-009 is top ranking item of its claim..from our all items.)
    As seen on our website, SR-009 is top-selling item on our business. We do Not want to lose its sale opportunity
6. We do Not think Stax is lying to us and actually neglecting their repair work to our servicing units.
   Japanese business society is very rigid society.  Japanese technician's pride do not allow malfunction-unit to be returned to customer without repair.
7. Though we do Not participate Head Hi-fi forum, please give your / other's advice about this issue.  We will apprciate it.

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Interesting. Obviously, this issue is increasingly concerning. But the PJ price savings has also worked out very well for a lot of us so far (my good friend Purk and myself included). And I honestly do believe PJ when they state there is no funny business going on with their sourcing of new SR-009 units. I'd be perfectly fine with PJ charging a reasonable fee ($50 is reasonable; they could even make a 2-fee conditional system depending on what Stax finds for each pair) for the service of routing a pair back to Stax for warrantee service. After all, they're taking FAR less of a cut than an authorized distributor/dealer, so some accommodation for their time is warranted. However, they need to state these new terms up front; currently I don't see mention of that on the first 2 steps for viewing/ordering a 009 on their site. And it's not really cool to spring this on an existing customer without pre-purchase notification. 

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I understand that you get a good deal with PJ, but it really undercuts distributors in the US. I don't blame YAMA for not fielding requests for repair of grey market items.

Edit: It is none of my business
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Hmm, so PJ claims that 95% of the SR-009s they sell are problem free -- I wonder how accurate that figure is? If they're really buying their product from multiple sources, and given the volume they sell, that might be a decent sample figure to compare with Stax's own numbers regarding defective units.


I don't know, is a 5% failure rate normal when it comes to headphones, or even consumer electronics in general?


And is the service, turn-around time, etc. from authorized dealers really any better than what PJ offers? From what I'm reading, it almost seems as though Stax has generally done a poor job of servicing their products under warranty, grey market or not.

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I think the lesson from this is don't buy from price japan and make your problems with their appalling customer service well known on this forum. They just do not deserve any business as far as i'm concerned. In fact I would contact Stax/Edifier directly in Japan and explain how you have been treated and that this has the potential to seriously denigrate their brand as these problems have become common knowledge on headphone enthusiasts main global forum. I'm sure they will say you should not buy grey imports but for the sake of their brand and customer service they should fix your problems. Otherwise the should be named and shamed! 



Originally Posted by meraias View Post

hmm, I didn't know this page exists. I'll have to share my story here, hoping that some one could tell me what to do, or not at least this would give others an idea of what the worst could have happen and be informed in their decisions. at the present I am greatly discouraged...


Ive got a pair of 009s which is imbalanced out of the box from day 1 bought from PJ, and actually I bought it together with a 727A.

the imbalance is quite severe that I had to listen with the right volume control tweaked higher than the left on the driver. (which im not sure if its really a default that you have to do this for a new driver unit, which I doubt it)


I suspected that its the headphone that's the problem since thats what one would normally expect,

having not known anyone around my area with another driver to test with,

I sent a mail to PJ and was discouraged to get it sent back by the guy over and over again saying that many wasted money for pointless round trips. After a few mail exchange, they finally gave permission for a repair.

That took around 6 weeks until it finally get back to me. I've been informed that both left and right drivers are being replaced, which I thought its suppose to be just the right side that's the problem but oh well...


upon listening, the problem is still there, more so its exactly the same as my impression previously and no change what so ever left>right...

I wrote another mail to PJ and this time they started becoming hostile. I thought I would try to sought for a refund, but PJ turned me down in quite a hostile way. They don't do it, and they say I would have to send it back for a repair even though if this is an endless game.


Fine! I shall play your endless game, only this time I sent both my driver and headphone together. 

I packed my driver in the box forgetting to tweak the right volume knob down since that's the position I listened to for my imbalanced 009.

since I sent the boxes off, I wrote a mail to PJ requesting them to put a simple note in saying "please ensure that the knobs are aligned to the bottom". they revert with contempt saying that I demand them too much and refused to do it, even then claiming a second time ship back was much harder than the first, and again the same feedback about wasting my shipping. If feels like they offered warranty reluctantly without genuinely wanted to help you get things fixed...


another 1.5 months had passed (which is now), and they finally returned the stuffs to me, only that this time, they charged me 50$ extra in addition to shipping since they couldn't find any fault in it. I paid and received my phones and drivers back in a week.


guess what?, its still there, the imbalance exactly the same as before. The strange thing is that the volume knob of the driver is still tilted at the position I previously requested PJ to put a note on... I cant help but think that all these times, my things are not being fixed nor was it even being checked on at all.

And now, Im a sad guy being left with this piece of gear which im too guilty to even sell it on Head Fi, both the amp and the phones which is faulty is still a mystery, and I know shipping this back is not going to help any more and I have spent more than enough... Perhaps I should list it on really cheap soon and hoped for the best. 

I spent more than half a year worth of salary accumulation just to reach my Hi fi dreams, and it did nothing but overwhelmed me with grieve and disappointment that I cant even enjoy listening to musics any more, with this amount spent, i will be through with hi fi for a long time...:(

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I really dont think PJ have any relationship whatsoever with stax. My view is they buy from an authorised distributor/reseller and all warranty work has to go via them and therefore takes twice as long!!


Originally Posted by shipsupt View Post


Sure it's legal.  Essentially they are buying and reselling as a private entity, no different than an individual buying a pair in Japan and then selling them.  Which is why the whole warranty issue is a problem for them, there is no warranty transfer.  They have to approach STAX each time as the "owner" for warranty work.  


I was treated really well by PJ in the past on this issue.  Over time I hear the stories changing from good to bad.... I think they are just tired of playing middle man for so many returns when STAX keeps telling them nothing is wrong with the headphones.  Of course, if they are, they could stop selling them too...

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But does anyone pay list price? In my experience you can easily negotiate a discount of 10% or more especially if you pay cash rather than card


Originally Posted by David1961 View Post

When I got my 009's from PJ I paid £3330, however that price included a SRE-950S extension cable and shipping, and the PayPal fee.

In the UK at the time I believe the price was £4500 just for the 009's, so it would've been with that saved money I'd have used for repairs ( this is assuming I'd had any problems ) in the UK rather than having them sent back to Japan.
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AFAIK, offering to pay cash in expectancy of a discount is illegal in the UK, so if found out prosecution would probably occur.
Also without the SRE-950S I'd have probably paid around £3100 via PJ, so assuming I was to get away with offering cash, then I couldn't see a UK dealer knocking £1400 off their asking price.
The price of £4500 for the 009's in the UK was in 2011, I've seen the price now at £3495 but the 009's have come down in price by quite a bit since they first came out.
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Kaneda-san 's response is very sensible and his comment about Stax rigor is indeed very much what I recall from the discussions with them. I simply can't imagine stax not doing their repair work faithfully and kaneda-san also sounds very reasonable.

meraias showed me his repair reports and stax is very clear on what was done:
- 1st return: replacement of both diaphragms (note: they don't say they can reproduce the imbalance but state they're changing both diaphragms to make sure of no imbalance)
- 2nd return: can't reproduce imbalance even after long run-in, customer should send headphone again but with driver unit if issue is not resolved, they would work on it promptly after reception (btw, turnaround is typically a week or less for stax, they handle customer service in priority)

What has happened here is that, while meraias claims he's sent the amp with the phones the 2nd time, it's not his amp model that was sent to stax but another customers (confirmed defective) amp.

I don't see why Kaneda-san would hold on the amp and only send the phones (courrrier service in tokyo is cheap) to the dealer so my guess is that it's neither PJ or Stax's fault by the dealer who may have failed to send the amp. Another possibility is miscommunication, for example either PJ or the dealer checking the amp before sending to stax and not hearing the imbalance because meraias had shipped it with the potentiometer compensated (L/R balance adjustment).

In any case, does sound to me like the 009 was never faulty: imbalance does not stay constant as I recall but worsens / sometimes comes and goes such that amp L/R balance adjustment would not do the trick normally.

Meraias, can you cc me in your communication with PJ? Am happy to talk to Kaneda-san in Japanese if that helps resolve your case.


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As far as I've some shared story with PJ and shipsupt (my fellow "+1" serial number pal :D), I can tell there's no issue with their customer service. On my side, BTW.



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