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@astrostar59 If I were in your position I would not get them. That is a lot of money and you are obviously weary of the potential problem. Maybe that $5k is better spent on making your current setup better with products you feel will be less of a risk?
My 2¢.
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Originally Posted by jackskelly View Post

I believe mine is still under warranty, I bought it from pricejapan a little over a year ago. I was just asking in general, as MacedonianHero pointed out tongue.gif

I think I also need to try to keep a "straight face" so to speak, to avoid so many STAX farts.

Hm, I don't know if the "stax farts" are related, I get those _all_ the time and mine works perfectly still...
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was to bay this 009+007tii  for 8500usd  her 


from what i her 

older sets  are more fin 


no trouble at all i  hope 



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Dear all,


I bought mine from Pricejapan in Feb, 2014.  I guess it is still under warranty.



I did try the discharge trick with metal wire.  I tried keeping it in the desiccator for a week.  (I live in a humid area)


No luck so far :-(




P.S.  I have the SR-404.  I left them on the table without any cover for the past 10 years.  It sounds perfect.

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the old sr are beter 


way the new ones  are whit this  ????


i seved  8500$  


thank you  for this head fi  guys 


thank you 



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The 007mk2 had some imbalance trouble too, not so often, but it happened.

Again, and this is my experience and did happen to many others.


If the 009 has some imbalance problem it will not cure by itself.

It will get worse by the time. I never heard of any 009 developing this problem after a longer time using.

All had this problem from start on, maybe not so easy noticeable from beginning.

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That was exactly my experience with the 507s: the imbalance developed after 2 days and got worse and worse
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Just got my Airbow SC-21 from PJ three days ago and last night, suddenly the left side sound level varies when I tilt the headphone vertically up and down when adjusting to my head. After a while, the sound is constantly loudly (without distortion) than the right side.


I put it aside and will try it out tonight, hopefully it is not another bad driver, as I have experienced withe LCD-3. Anyone with similar experience and willing to share is greatly appreciated.

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The unbalance was gone when I started my audition tonight, but came again after about 20 mins, when I remove the headphone from my ears. Since then, I let it run for an hour and adjust the offset in the volume knob to compensate for the unbalance.


Judging by my hearing, the right side is set at 1.5 (base on the number indication on the volume knob) while the left side is at zero.


There is no distortion, just left side louder than right side, is this normal?

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Have you checked it is not affective by wiggling the cable at the entry point below the speakers?

I have a similar issue with my 007s and had to replace the lead. It can happen if snagged, in my case the dog
jumped on me and landed in the cable loop!

I love Stax phones, but wonder if they should have used a plug at the headset? maybe high voltage issues....
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I changed a pair of tubes, tuned the trim pots to within 1volt. Been listening for 2 hrs, looks like the unbalance is gone. Measured plug for V+ and V-. Right side is +4.6V, left is -6V. Wonder if it is the biasing that's playing me out.
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After 2 weeks of imbalance experience on my SC-21, I finally send it back to Price Japan for warranty repair. Let's see how's the outcome.

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I sent mine last week.


I tested the SR-009 with a sound pressure level meter (SPL Meter).   I found a difference of 10-12 db.


the difference in my old SR404 is 0.5db. :mad:



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Just got channel imbalance on my four-day-old SR-009 from PriceJapan.


It's powered by a 252S at the moment, with a KGSSHV arriving next week. I'll be able to rule out the amp then, but based on this, it sounds like it's extremely likely to be the 009 and I'm likely to be shipping it back and forth to Japan for the next few weeks at my expense to get this problem fixed on my four-day-old, $3400 flagship headphones.


Had I read this thread before jumping into the electrostatic world, I might not have.


Clearly, this problem has been going on for a while, the SR-009 isn't produced in huge quantities, and it usually happens within the first week of use. Why doesn't Stax test each pair with a week of playback first, then measure the response to make sure it's still balanced, before shipping them? Surely, that would be cheaper than all of the service requests, repairs, and reputation damage.

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You might want to see if they don't recover on their own before sending them out.

I talked with Birgir inquiring about what I could do per preventative measures - nothing.

Pretty much it doesn't seem like there's a clear answer here. Birgir mentioned the U.S. military couldn't find a solution surrounding the problems either.


It's also not even clear what Stax or Yama's, etc do per repair. 

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