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Thank you very much for the review!

Xcape IE and Xcited are on the way to dealers.

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Which dealers are they?

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There's this also:


I'm hoping I can find them somewhere between $80-85 before I take the bite.

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well seems that on their website is goes for USD90. the cheapest right now i guesss

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What is known about warranty and service for the XCape IE? I'm very eager to buy it but unsure of what technical support is available...

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It comes with a standard 1 year warranty and the seller should be the one to contact in case of warranty claim.

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I'm looking to buy the Sunrise Audio Xcape IE in Europe, and I've found the dealer http://shop.frogbeats.com - anybody have any experience with them? I know someone that has already bought one from there and he says it all went well but I'd like to hear it from you Head-Fiers! I'm new around here btw :)

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have you checked this site http://gd-audiobase.com ?

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Cheers man, I'll look into them both and email frogbeats see what they say about shipping to the Netherlands and stuff. I like my stuff to come really quickly cause I'm an impatient bugger

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there's also another site but not a  europe site. http://www.lendmeurears.com/

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Just ordered it from them! Rather excited about this. I hope they're legit. And I guess anybody else can use the coupon code!:


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nice one! you got a good deal, let us know about your impressions

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Aight. I got them yesterday, which means 3 day shipping. Which is better than that Russian alternative, that said 2 weeks! And Frogbeats has great service. They actually refunded me 10% because I told them I was a student so I got the 20% discount!

Here are some pictures:










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very very nice pictures!

i heard they are coming with new more products soon

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Mine broke a few month ago and I bought them at Lendmeurears.com. They replaced mine within 2 month and the new ones I received are different to the original IE edition. I heard that there were some issues with the first generation and that the new version would fix the original's problems. Lendmeurears told me that the replacement was going to take a bit longer because Sunrise Audio were just a few week/days away from releasing the revised edition, really good customer service.


Anyway this is how the new ones look like; sunrise sw xcape impressive edition version 2 (?not sure if v.2 but it seems to be); note the different 3.5mm plug and y-split, theyre black now!

sunrise swxcape.png

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