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Originally Posted by baka1969 View Post

Another useless thread.

agreed, that's why the OP of this shouldnt have made this. Entirely useless and takes up space nevertheless....

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Beats actually have this collaboration with HP to make the HP Envy Beats edition, featuring Beats mobile PC Audio with 'high quality' speakers for enchanced bass and music enjoyment.





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But, advertisement.  People see American Idol judges using Beats, people assume they must be good headphones - especially once they see the price.  Because doesn't everyone know that when celebrities use expensive things in shows, movies, and commercials, they must be good, right?  And Lady Gaga had the Beats symbol on a laptop in one of her music videos, so that means it must be really great, because Lady Gaga is the best musician this generation has ever seen!  (Off to stick my fingers in a shredder for writing that.)










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This thread is going downhill, fast.

I'm closing it.

P.S. It's called product placement.
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