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***New ETL HDSS Tech Blue Ever Blue 866B IEM Review*** - A Glimpse into the Future *** ( 56k warning )

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***Blue Ever Blue***

866B IEM's


8.2mm drivers


92 db

22hz - 20khz

90cm cord






Blue Ever Blue seems to be a relative newcomer to the IEM universe and already is wreaking havoc on our galaxy with its immense gravitational pull ( in a good way ).  A big thanks to jant and David for allowing me to review these.  


These buds employ ETL technology which summed up means it gives the speaker enclosure a dynamic volume area that allows heat and pressure to remain constant, intended to reduce as much distortion as possible.  I'm not an expert on this type of tech, but I am certainly going to research the hell out of it because these IEMs sound fantastic.




The set comes with a nifty black pouch and some extra tips.  Before continuing, I want to say this set reminds of me those insanely small Jaybuds.  They are so small and unfortunately i dont have any other iems to compare with right now but they are about 3/4 long, they are the smallest buds I've ever used, immensely light and very comfortable.  The stock tips decent, but i wouldnt use anything else on the 866B unless they were the smallest tips available.  Check out the pic below for size reference.


( top to bottom :  9wave NW Studio, Blue Ever Blue E28R, 886B for size reference )



The set boasts some of the best vocals I've ever heard in a sub $100 iem.  It outperformed the Eterna and the Silver Bullet in this area.  Vocals are just creamy and very lush.  The set seems mid-centered but has plenty of bass and a good high range.  The Bass seems plentiful to me.  It is definitely a top tier set for that price range, as I am unaware of anything sub $50 that might sound this nice.  Its not too thick or boomy, its not over saturated or lacking at all.  It seems a nice mid range quality and quantity.  What more can I ask for?


The highs are a bit sibilant, not too harsh at all but during the initial impressions I found some tracks a bit painful during some typical "Ssss" ridden words in the lyrics.  I never had a problem with any highs on the classical side of things, but i did find it to be a tad tinny.  After sufficient burn in I think it will settle down nicely.  


The soundstage is where its at, just like the Fischer Audio Eterna, this set has impressive audio depth and I due to the nice comfort and form factor I think I would use this set over the Eterna any day.   It is definitely not as wide sounding as the Silver Bullet though.  The overall coloration is mid range, not too colored but not super neutral like an IE7 for example.  Its got very good separation qualities.  This set is something to look for in the near future and I hope it does well.  


To me, I think the new tech found in buds like the 9wave and this BeB are a window to our futures.  Sets are going to get smaller and more dynamic, this set to me seems like a great stepping stone into this new land of opportunity.  I am kind of amazed a set with a housing this small can sound this good.  For $50 you cant go wrong here, this is an overall excellent performer in every genre I tossed at it during my initial impressions.  


Expect a bit more of an in depth review edit once I hit the 100 hour mark.





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Oooh.  Very nice.  When/where can we buy these?


Also, any links that explain the tech behind these a little more?

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Jant71 gave me this info, I don't know if that helps, lol but Im sure more info will come soon.



Blue Ever Blue are packaging/distribution...



Biolinks provide the ETL tech...



HDSS info...



Starsonic is the OEM. I bought and reviewed the first versions in this link...


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I would like to try them.


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I'm very interested. A possible replacement for my FX67! (lol even though I said I was done)

I do like to hear some comparisons as well but anyone know where you can buy these?
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I would never call the earbuds uncomfortable, or painful.  There are groups of people who are like you and dislike earbuds, but the group of earbud vets will enjoy them without a problem.  They fit in my ears just fine and im a short guy, they dont fall out, they aren't heavy enough to cause pain.  The first mistake is pushing them into your ears to get a seal, if you want a seal, don't use hanging style buds.  Sealed sound is meant for IEMS, not buds.  Buds are designed to have a more natural aired out sense, if you want to have them sound like IEMS, buy the Acoustibud covers for like $10 on ebay which convert any bud into iems, simple rubber slip ons that do a good job.  


They are only $25 and perform very well in many areas.  Clarity isn't one of them.  The same philosophy applies to these 866b's.  Other companies will gravitate towards this new tech, its a budget set offering qualities found in sets double and triple the price.  Its a good overall performer and has a good balance of lows mids and highs without any one of them offsetting or ruining the others.  





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I was talking about the E28R when I said they are only $25. They are not a very clear sounding set, then again no $25 set is.   I should have specified that sorry, but I meant that the general theory applies to the 866B as it does to the buds in the sense that other companies will start using this technology.  I think the IEMs are wonderful, and as I said in my original post I would use them over the Fischer Audio Eterna or the Silver Bullet any day which are among the best earbuds you can get for under $100 or so.   BeB scored a home run with the 866b.


If you want sound quality, again, earbuds are not for you.  My "philosophy" is that due to their form factor the buds drivers can't reproduce sounds as well as an IEM can despite being larger and more powerful.  That technology is not there yet for driver design.  If you want sound quality and find yourself pushing your buds into your ears then you are looking in the wrong place in my opinion and are not getting what the latest hi fi buds are trying to offer.  These companies know you cant get that awesome sound quality just yet, so they are trying to use new tech and design to compensate for it.  Companies like 9wave are using a great Slogic type of set up with their driver, it reduces standing waves and is the only set of buds on earth to do so that i am aware of, and this BeB set of earbuds is trying to use the ETL HDSS tech, which is admirable and clearly installed to compensate for the lack of a quality driver, since its only a $25 set.  


But again, both sets are excellent in my opinion.  For $25, the BeB buds are a steal, for $50 the BeB iems are an amazing deal.  I like both, and I think the E28R buds are better overall than the equally priced Pk3.

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I have had my 866's the longest. They do benefit some from running them in. I find the stock tips are quite well suited for them. That is more rare. More often find myself looking for other tips to bring out the best in an earphone. I find they can get a bit thick with some other tips. A very comfy and easy fit with the stock and I get about average isolation. I'll say more in my review but the 866 are competitive with other phones I have like the DUNU and Xears. I think they are better than the FX67 in sound and even in comfort(which is tough to do). I think they are a fun pair of in-ears that appeal to me in how they separate, image, and have very nice mids/vocals. A decent bit of detail there as well.


Almost too much information in regards to the tech. Nice that they are excited about it but we can start to tune out with so much. I like to boil it down to one more important aspect of having the driver diaphragm move as a piston. The effect as, IMO, best illustrated in the earbuds does make for a natural sound with good extension, detail, good balance, clarity and transparency. Very cost effective as both pairs of the buds I had were inexpensive and performed well above their price. The in-ears have a bit of trouble when things start to seal up in a chamber. The tips and housing do start to effect what the drivers are trying to do and getting the best seal possible doesn't seem to be the right way to go. This is being adapted from speaker tech to illustrate what the speakers can do. A way to spend less money to try the tech out before spending more on home speakers. We'll see what the future brings as far as earphones.      

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You guys are taking this way out of proportion if it bothered enough to say I proclaimed them buds of the future.  I said they are a glimpse to the future because of the new tech they are using.   Whether you agree or not, audio gear in the next few years will be using new things and they will get smaller.   

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Hi Head-Fiers,


The new link replacing the old clearcenterchannel.com is now http://naturalaudiospeakers.com.  Please go there for more on HDSS certified products and ETL technology.





BioLinks Audio

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