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Spider Gives Away 10pcs "realvoice" to People Who Has RE0 or MC3 or MC5, Comparison Review Wanted! - Page 2

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We will review the profile and decide the giveaway list on June 6th, if there are many people signing up this comparison, we will consider add several more pairs of realvoice.

By the way, sorry to mention that, US residents only this time. 

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I have the RE0 and an iPod Touch 4G that can make calls through Wi-Fi with Google Voice, that doesn't qualify does it?

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Well, I am in possession of both the HiFiMan RE0 and RE-ZERO IEMs as well as a 4th generation iPod Touch. Not sure if that will satisfy the iPhone requirement but I figured I would throw that in as well.


If selected I will publish my review on both Head-Fi and my site, Musical Musings, on which I have written reviews for both the RE0 and RE-ZERO as well as a number of other earphones.

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Interesting, all my headphones are vocal centric. My pure silver retipped TF10 presents vocal with great sweetness. Sure, its not $100, but amazon sales driven its price right done to close to $100 now. I run them out of an iPod Touch with a pure silver line-out down to my trusty iBasso D2+. If you are really sure they really can do vocals, I am surely interested, I have experience reviewing as well.
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iPod Touch can also qualify this give away

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Iphone 4




Thinksound TS02+mic (Warm signature, good for bluesy, jazzy tones and voices)


Hippo Shroom EB (Analytical signature with added bass boost)

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RE0 and iPhone 3GS. Love phones/iems that can produce crystal vocals, so these sound interesting.

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Don't own (or really want to own) an iPhone  nor not locate in U.S., but I do hope Spider will have boarder conditions on future gives away. Good luck to the rest of you guys.

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I have a RE-Zero, not RE0, so is it counted?

iPhone : have both 4 and 3gs.

other earphones: er4s, um1, ath-ck7

location : Singapore

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I don't have an RE0 or MC5 but have a pair of SE215, Denon 560R, Vsonic GR07 and an iPhone 4 and love doing reviews and comparisons :-)


Location: Canada


OH and I listen to a massive selection of vocal music and use an extensive list of Celtic, Jazz, folk, and classic rock as part of my review process.

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This time we only compare RE0 and MC3 or MC5, maybe we will compare to other models next time, thanks for being interested in our earphone

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I have both the RE0 and an iPhone, and would be interested in participating in this giveaway.  Thank you!

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Owner of an Iphone 3g (2nd generation)




others that can be had under $100 that I own include:

Brainwavz M3

Shure SE215

MEElectronics A151-B


also have a Zune 80g



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As an earbud man I will toss my name in as well.  I would love to compare this to the equally priced Blue Ever Blue 866B that was released recently.  

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I happen to have both a pair of RE-0's and an iPhone.


I'd be happy to participate and do a review about your IEM's.


I also happen to have a wide range of earphone tips which I can test out with the Realvoices.


Thank you! :D


Edit : I noticed your post saying that you were only looking for U.S. residents at the time. However, because I live next to the U.S. border, I always get items shipped in a warehouse in the U.S. and then pick them up. If you'd like me to review your Realvoice headphones, I could always do that.

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