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Spider Gives Away 10pcs "realvoice" to People Who Has RE0 or MC3 or MC5, Comparison Review Wanted!

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To participate this give away, you need to have following items,

  1. Head Direct RE0 or Etymotic MC3 or MC5
  2. iPhone
  3. Or if you have other earphones which values are within $50 to $100 and you think it’s good to represent vocals, it’s even better

We will pick 5 people who have RE0 and 5 people who have MC5, then ship out our “realvoice” earphones for free, and we need you to post an comparison review between our earphone and your RE0 or your MC5 by using Nik & Sam “No turning back CD” which is included in the package.


We didn’t said our earphone is the best earphone in this class ($50 to $100), just want people to know we didn’t name our earphone “realvoice” by accident, it can represent singers’ true voice.


We love Head-fiers and we know you will give your true opinions, to sign up this give away is easy, just leave a message on this thread, then we will contact you for shipping address.

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I'm sorry, but is there a reason for the second condition - that your PMP is an Iphone?  That is pretty much the one condition that I cannot satisfy.

[edit] actually my father and sister have an Iphone, I would be willing to do this comparison.

IEMs: RE0 (On Lease), MC-5, ATH CK-7 (If my father can find them) 

Sources: Cowon S9, Iphone 3G, and chances are that I can borrow a friend's sansa clip+


How fast do you reckon shipping would be?

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i have a etymotic mc5 and iphone4, and i am interested. i also have a pair of shure e2cs that started me down this hobby.


my main setup is a er-4 with jds labs cmoybb.

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iPod Touch and RE0 here. Also have FiiO E1 and AMB Mini³ for portable amping.


Other audio gear can be seen in my profile.


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I have a pair of super.fi 5s that I use with my iPhone. I love em, and I think they sound great. It would be interesting to compare the sound to another earphone. I also have an e7, but havent used it with the iPhone yet.

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Hi Spidercable,


I'm Asian and located in Taiwan. I own an RE0 + Fiio E5 portable combination. I've been auditioning quite a few IEMs recently and really felt RE0 is a nice sweet spot in terms of price and sound quality. I own an IPAD that has the TRRS connectivity similar to Iphone. I would definitely like to give realvoice a try to see how it compares against on of my favorite RE0s. 

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Re0 and iPod Touch, 3rd Gen.

I can amp the phone, but suspect an unamped comparison will probably be more like most people's experience.
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I have a Re-0 and an Iphone 3g. I'd be interested in listening to what you got.

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From current review of the realvoice.It seem to offer a sound thats more midrange base sound rather than the treble base sound of either the etymotic research mc5 or re0. I have the re0 and hf2 the midrange on  both are good in detail, but te mids aren't warm enough. I could see some people going for something like this if the vocals are right

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I have an Iphone 4 am about to get some Etymotic MC3's which are the same as the MC5 but they have a remote. I have owned a couple other IEMS but I would be really interested in seeing what your earphones have to offer after reading a description of them on your website. Hope you choose me!

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bad:edit resulting in double post

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I own a pair of Head Direct RE0s, and also the RE-ZEROs. As the Source, i have an iPhone 3g, a Sansa Fuze fed into a CMoy via LOD, and in a few days, i'd have a Mini^3 in my hands too. I'd be more than happy to recieve a pair of the Realvoice iems, and compare them to both the RE0s and the RE-ZEROs.
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I own a RE0, a whole bunch of digital audio players, sources and a gazillion other headphones to compare them to. :) I'm definitely a vocal lover and most of my music is vocal-based. If you want, check my profile for reviews and articles by me. 

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I'd be interested in doing this. I have Re0's and cowon s9 as my source.  I could easily get my hands on an iphone to test and write a review with though. I love the sound signature of the Re0's and realvoice sounds like something I would enjoy! :)

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I'd been interested at that price range ive got klipsch image s4 ,miu audio pro 2 .I've got iphone 4 and ipod classic..

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