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Originally Posted by Shrackner View Post

Well, first post, so hello to you forums (and just a small special thanks to all the info you've in-brained into me so far and for all the info and rankings and reviews and shootouts and guides and feedback and etc. and resources you've provided me). I thought I'd finally post something since I saw this thread pop up. Not sure if anyone's posted any Ritsu already, but I've fallen pretty deeply in love with him(?) recently. I guess he doesn't fit here exactly, since he's a UTAUloid, but I really, really love his new voice and voicebank, so here you go, enjoy some of my personal faves from him.


Well then let me welcome you to Head-Fi with my 1500th post.  May you stay be long and prosperous.  ^_^


I'll have to check those out later in the day.  Thanks for posting!

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Here's the first track from the CD version of AVTechNO!'s most recent album IVVVI. It's a remix of the song TEAR made by Dog tails. I've also embedded the original Miku version (there's also a Rin version) for those who might've not heard the original before.



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Can anyone tell me what the first song in this medley is?  I've been sifting through random touhou songs on youtube all afternoon looking for it x.x


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This has been one of my favorite tracks from AVTechNO!'s latest album ever since I received the CD a week or two ago, although the entire album is excellent. VocaloidMist finally uploaded it to YouTube today so here it is for those who haven't heard it yet.


This is a song from an artist called Aerial Flow who has been away from the Vocaloid scene for a couple of years but made a comeback with this song a couple of days ago. Although the artist has created a YouTube account and uploaded this song there I've chosen to embed the video uploaded by jrharbort because it contains a really informative description, so make sure to view the video in YouTube. Also, the song and its instrumental version are both available for free from the artist's Piapro page. I'm feeling too lazy to link to them here, but the links are in the video's description.

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I'm loving this Aerial Flow fellow, thanks!

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first song is Bakemono Uchuu and second is Arifureta Sekai Seifuku. both from the Obscure Questions album which i'm listening to now

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Here are just a couple of the many many songs released today to celebrate Miku's 5th birthday. Happy birthday Miku!




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hello im new and well i dont listen to touhou songs cept bad apple
kinda sad but i know some vocaloid ones =)
mostly miku,once a while gumi,rin,len,ia,kaito,luka,etc

currently likes


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Here's a recently released Namine Ritsu cover.


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Why isn't this in the music section?  I was going to make a thread like this if there wasn't one.  I'm more into Touhou music though in all genres, but I still love Vocaloid specifically for the metal and rock.  I feel that most Vocaloid dance music is too poppy and not really electronic, where as Touhou electronic music is more like electronic music.


I have many fave Touhou circles, so I can spam something a day.  I'm always addicted to a few songs per album I hear.

Some recent random faves from Comiket 82:






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Love the visuals and especially Miku's outfit.



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Woah, to think I didn't know if the existence of this thread...!
I don't explore the forum enough apparently biggrin.gif
Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

Love the visuals and especially Miku's outfit.

This video is quite nice, fits well with daniwell's music style too IMO.
Though I'm really looking forward to seeing hino finish his version of it!! The preview is really short but the motions are, as usual, so fluid.

In regards to Miku's birthday/anniversary this year there was also this song (less well known it seems?):
Collab from many well known people in the vocaloid world.
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Subscribed. This is an awesome thread!


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Frickin' groovy and stuff!</carl>



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Here's some of my favorite songs:


And this whole album:

Sorry if all those have already been posted, I don't have time to read through the 254 unread posts right now... >_<

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