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TWag is not pure silver but only 87% silver content.  

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First of all, if you're going to demand money back it should be "your" money.   Second shouldn't you be getting about 13% of your money back?   And, third, can you hear the difference between an 87.16% silver cable and a 99.99% cable?   Have people been complaining that they get a 12.73% reduction in sound quality?


And, my goodness, for the V2, we're ripped off by some 0.13%   Damn, that's bloody criminal.   I'm going to have to send mine back for them to add 0.13% more silver.   I wonder how they do that?


And, yes, I do understand that one should get what one pays for, but for you to scream from the mountain tops like when most TWag cable owners haven't complained.....and I didn't say to make room for the likes of you, is completely un-necessary.


By the way, do you feel better now? 


For me, for all the energy you've put into this and all your argy-bargy........I really don't care.....


Now that you've made your point - without any test/re-test reliability estimates based on assays from other companies, by the way - are you done?  Please say yes.

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Parrot your argument cannot be disputed (unless the tests were inaccurate, which I have doubts they are since it was tested by a professional facility) but it might be better to change the title so it doesn't come off to others that you're trying to start a revolution. kiwi, I believe consumers have the right to know what they're actually getting for their buck. Although you might not care, I have firm beliefs that many others will. In this hobby, we've been striving so much for the famed 99.999900000% purity it would come off as a real slap in face to find your cables 12.73% reduction in purity (even if it does not result in a discernible difference in sound). Now that the results are out, I think we should be asking ourselves how whilash audio will resolve this (unless they can prove the results otherwise) 


just a note: I have no affiliation with whiplash audio (no cables etc etc)

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This information is provided in other forums...


This thread will be deleted. 

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