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FiiO E7 Amp Newb Help

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Hello, I have finally decided to commit to ordering the fiio E7. This is my first venture into the world of amplification and DACs (at least dedicated) and I have two quick questions to ask to help make the transition smoother.


1. I have a Cowon i7 and a Sansa Clip+ as my main portable music players. I read all the time about people using a line out dock to bypass the amp in their players. Is this possible for my players? Also, what specific cables/accessories would I need to buy to get the best possible SQ possible?


2. Now this is a complete amp newb's question, but I have to start somewhere. How do I connect the E7 as a DAC for use with my headphones when using my netbook/desktop? How do I do this using my portable players? I assume I use the usb cable for my PC and just plug in my phones into the headphone out. I'm not as sure for my portable setup.


I'm sure I could figure this out on my own but I just need to know for peace of mind and to help me feel like less of an idiot.frown.gif I get confused easily by different cable connections and their uses so please help me with specific answers so that I don't have to bother you guys ever again.tongue_smile.gif

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As to whatever i've read till today, the Cowons And the Sansa Clip+ do not have a line out available.
Also, that is exactly how u would use a USB DAC, plug into USB, install drivers, plug in headphones, play some music. Don't freak out, the amps have proper documentation, check it out on FiiO's website to clear doubts.
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I don't believe that the E7 will need any drivers, mine certainly didn't for win 7 or XP

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