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For Sale: (FS) Hifiman HE-4 - $350

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For Sale:
(FS) Hifiman HE-4 - $350

: Pro 900 (new)
Will Ship To: Anywhere

I bought these in April. They are in tip top shape, with the exception being the spare pad in which the stupid plastic locking mechanism has a broken tooth. The spare pad will still go on with 3 of the 4 locking teeth (you also can't see it unless you take off that spare pad).

The HE4 is hands down my favorite open headphone. DT880 owners take special note as this headphone is a true upgrade if I ever heard one.

I will ship anywhere, but hopefully US buyer will make it easier for me. For US buyer, shipping is included. For international, you pay a little extra.

I will take pics as soon as I get home.

Comes with the Hifiman box as well.

There's nothing wrong with it. Its an amazing headphone. Sadly have to let this, my Lyr, and possibly my D7000 go.

My D7000 will potentially be sold after the HE4 and Lyr are sold, and I will sell them for $550 total for US, extra for International.

Oh yes, PAYPAL ONLY. No trades. Cash only.

Pm me if interested.

HE-4: $350


D7000: SOLD

Any more pics? Sorry if they ain't great.
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Please include where you live in your pm.
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Price drop. I don't mind keeping the HE4, as they are phenomenal, but they deserve more power than the E9, so I'm considering something easier to drive even if its inferior. Considering the Pro 900 or even the Pro 2900. I really don't wanna get an amp just for them anymore, so my future cans are all gonna be within the E9s range of power. This Ortho is definitely not it.
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Price drop. $350. These deserve a proper home with the right equipment, which I just don't have. I highly doubt ANYTHING in this price range will come close. I need to sell them due to being strapped for cash.
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pm sent!

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This item is SOLD.
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