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For Sale or Trade: JVC HP-DX1000 full-size headphone

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For Sale or Trade:
JVC HP-DX1000 full-size headphone

Will Trade For: Nikon D90 or D7000 camera (D80 also)
Will Ship To: US/CANADA

Since it seems my Esw10jpn won't sell; I well try to sell these.


Headphone's hinges have broken off before and I had to fix it on my own.  Ear cup's pleather is starting to wear down.


Sound of these are great. People like to describe them as basshead phones, that still articulate all details. I would like to add that the bass that is forward on these is not bloatey mid-bass but is the smooth low-bass is what I feel I hear.


I am selling but:

----I am looking for a camera; Nikon d90 or d7000.  (d80?).  



Thank you!

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Have you got any better pictures showing the condition of the DX1000 (in particular the hinges and pleather pads) and also would you ship to the UK?

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