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old pioneer receiver questions

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   Ok first off im a newbie so im probably going to say something stupid.(and im not sure this is even in the right place) 

           i recently got an old pioneer sx-312r receiver, i have a set of speakers i want to use as my rears, a set for fronts, and a center. but on the back of the receiver there is only those red and black wire clamps for 4 speakers (assuming 2 front and 2 rear) so how would i hook up the center? could i split the positive side and negative side into 2 each and put one in each clamp with the other speakers so the center would be spread into 4 spots?   i can post pics if needed                                   Thanks!

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The 312R is only a two channel receiver.


Although you can hook up four speakers, they're only for left and right channels. The A and B pairs of outputs were so you could use the receiver to power a set of speakers in another room.


For home theater, you need a five channel receiver.





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oh ok get it one more quick question i had a pair of cheapish speakers that sounded decent and i plugged them into that and blew them on 1/2 volume so i was wondering would sony SS-b3000 speakers be to weak for it, as in would they blow. im pretty sure the pioneer i have is 250w

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Well, you'd be able to blow quite a lot of speakers with 250 watts. But that doesn't mean you have to use 250 watt speakers with a 250 watt amp. I've run 10 watt speakers on a 400 watt amp. You just have to be careful not to crank the volume too high is all.


The S-B3000's are rated at 120 watts. They'll be fine with that receiver. Just don't crank up the volume too much.







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250w is not the speaker output. it's probably the amps power consumption under full load.your amp is about 70wpc into 8ohms. wattage doesn't matter on speakers since all speakers are measured differently. most people anyways only listen at 1w depending on the speakers sensitivity. if the amp blew your speakers it's either cause the impedance dip too low forcing more current to be drawn then the amp can handle making the speakers to blow(usually just the tweeter) or if it didn't blow the speakers the amp would of instead, or the speakers lied on the specs(like most do) claiming it's peak wattage as nomial/average.

lot of speakers don't list their full specs and how they were tested under full load. a speaker can say it can output 1000w but it reality probably only 200w peak if lucky. easy way to tell is if the speaker isn't really really heavy and really really expensive i wouldn't worry about it. main speaker spec you should be concerned with is it's sensitivity of 1w@1m.

also speakers dip and peak at certain frequency ranges either forcing the amp to draw more current and higher voltages. speaker might say for example 8ohms nominal but at certain frequency it can dip as low as 2ohms and peak at 40+ohms so i wouldn't bother hooking more then 4 8ohm speakers in to the amp running them in parallel most likely cause in paralell the amp will see a nomial of 4ohm load instead of 8ohms nominal. if you do run more then 4 speakers,run them in series cause running them in series actually doubles the impedance load making it safe for normal operation for the amp cause it be seeing 16ohm load instead of 8ohms.

me personally as well never like using rear speakers in stereo amp cause it will distort the soundstage and imaginary due to different on and off axis dispersion of the speakers causing screwy reflection issues and the different frequency ranges the speakers are capable of handling . you can experiment cause you can get lucky sometimes but if your running more then 2 i would make all the speakers in the front. don't have to worry about hearing things rear of you or side cause proper placement on axias can give you a very good soundstage experience.
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thanks for the info, im thinking i might buy used pair of really nice speakers, you said to run them in series how do i do that?

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Try the Alesis Monitor One Mk2 passives, your have to try really hard to blow them there rated at 120watts RMS and 200watts peak i've put 150RMS though them and they act like they could take more, there 88db1w@1m and 4ohms your probley find your amp can't handle 4 4ohm speakers, with 4 speakers the minium impedance is probley 8ohms.

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ok you said those speakers are rated 120w is that each? so if i got that (or similar) would it be 240w total after its all hooked up and id risk blowing them only at 100% volume? or if i got 4 8ohm 120w speakers id have zero risk of blowing anything? or am i still not getting it?

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I don't fully understand how you blew the first pair, cause they were cheap they might have been only 20watts rms, you might have wired them up incorrectly , you might have shorted them , the amp might be faulty and sent dc to the speakers. yea the alesis's are 120watts rms per a speaker there designed for use with powerful studio amps there very rugged speakers they can actually take more than 120watts rms id say you would have to go past 200watts rms to blow them, but 120watts rms is there offical rating, there are 4ohms so check your amp can drive a 4ohm load some older amps have a switch to select 4ohm or 8ohms. 

I think your amp is 75watts rms into 8ohms per a channel into a 4ohm load it will be more like 120watts rms per channel the alesis will run at 120watts rms all day you won't even come close to blowing them but at 120watts there be at more than 112db @ 1metre unless you have a very large room it will be more than your ears can take, for 4 speakers you will need 4 8ohm speakers rated at 75watts rms don't confuse continuous and peak ratings.

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well the speakers i blew were only paper i wired them correctly but they were to cheap and weak for such a powerful amp, i just looked on the back of them and it says "8ohm 5w made in china"

i also saw on the back of my receiver it says "CAUTION 8ohm~16ohm"   so let me get this straight,  if i get 4 8ohm speakers rated at 75watts min ill be safe, what would i need if i just got 2 speakers?

also how would i know if my amp was faulty?

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Your amp doesn't accept 4ohm speakers then , Yes with 4 8ohm speakers with a minuium of 75watts rms continuous you will be fine the same for 2 speakers 8ohms 75watts continuous, assuming 75watts per channel is what the amp is putting out can't you find a manual with the ratings in it? if you want to be on the safe side then go for 4 or 2 8ohm 100watts rms speakers something like or If your amp keeps blowing speakers then it must be faulty but i don't think it is you just overloaded some 5watt speakers with it.

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ok thanks for the help.

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i have the same receiver u guys are talking about can u tell me where i can get a free owners manual for it an thanks



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pioneer 312sx

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been looking online havent found one yet

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