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Hello!i'm FiiO Viet Nam

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Looks like I might have received a counterfeit L3 from a vendor on Amazon today.  The cable is too thin and way too long.  I'll be contacting Amazon shortly about this.  The vendor is "Century22" and it was fulfilled by Amazon.




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yes, this is a fake FiiO L3, Our L3 is only 10cm length!


I think you can contact Amazon to get refund and ask the seller  compensate for the loss!

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BTW, can you send me more evidence to, so show where you buy, how much you pay, the purchase record, and the photos of the cable. so we can contact Amazon to remove the illegal seller.

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I've requested a refund from Amazon and will return the item to them on Monday.


I have also sent you an email with the details along with several detailed photos of the counterfeit.   Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. 

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Thanks for your remind, I think maybe you can get some extra refund because it is a fake products .  I don't know the law in USA, but in China, you should get double refund,


That is said, if you pay 10dollar, when you send back the fake L3, you should get 30 dollar.

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This is rather dismaying news.


I don't suppose there's any way of knowing whether this is legit?


The vendor seems well-respected and has a high level of positive feedback, but I wonder whether even a good vendor can unwittingly acquire fraudulent goods. Who knows?

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No one is making fake E7 at the moment (AFAIK). It isn't really as easy to fake as a line-out cable or the E5.

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Ordered another L3 from Miccastore through Amazon yesterday and got the real thing today.  Thanks Miccastore.

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Definitely, the best way to get a FiiO product is to purchase through a seller that FiiO has listed on their website as an authorized reseller. Doing so not only ensures that you'll get a genuine product, but also get the full benefit of the factory warranty. 



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The seller is not our official seller , We can not confirm if it is fake or not.

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How does one identify a fake or genuine Fiio when it is in one's possession? 

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I bought a Fiio e6 from Amazon and the seller is "Local Trading Incorporation." I believe the item I received is a fake. The printing on the box looked wrong and the paint on the exposed arm of the amp looks sloppy(air bubbles). Is this seller selling fakes or did I get a e6 from a bad batch?

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