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Notice: Fake FiiO products

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         According to our agencies and customers’ s feedback, we have found that there are some bad manufacturers counterfeit and sell our company product in the market, such as E1,E3,E5,E7,L1,to guarantee your lawful rights and interests and resist illegal product of infringements,please buy FIIO product from our agencies and distributors.

          In order to avoid purchasing the counterfeit products of poor quality, you can visit our website (WHERE TO BUY) to see the list of our agencies and distributors, and the address is http://www.fiio.com.cn/where/index.aspx

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It may pay for your web development team to update the Oceania -> New Zealand link with the new contact (Sound Essentials).


By the way, I contacted them - and they have an E9 on the way.  Very good contact and service.

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sorry, will update soon

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How can we spot the fakes?, also theres loads more sellers in the uk then you have listed on your site, theres av shop , amazon , my memory , discount discs , etc , I doubt all these sellers are selling fakes especially amazon , I brought my E7 from discount discs and it's certainly not a fake.

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Well, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  I guess this means that Fiio is finally big enough that people actually feel they'd profit off of making fake products...not that that's a good thing.  The making fakes part, that is, it's great to see that Fiio's growing. :P


Anyway, Feiao, you guys should put up comparisons between fake and genuine Fiio products on your website as soon as you can!

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What about DealExtreme ? Do they sell authentic FiiO products ?


I bought from them Fiio E5.

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Originally Posted by Fozzie View Post

What about DealExtreme ? Do they sell authentic FiiO products ?


I bought from them Fiio E5.

We are not sure about that because we know they bought our products from our sales agents. but they are not our official sales agents. hard to promise.

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thanks for the warning i will shop carefully.

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Thanks for the notice, its a shame that people are to take from your guys hard work.

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I ordered an L3 from deal extreme yesterday since they're $8.50 which is a hard price to beat. Anything I should look for to confirm it's the genuine article?

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just take care of the cable it used, so far we had not found any fake L3, L5, L6,  L8, L9 because the fake factory can not get the HPC-22W from Japan and the HPC-22W is too expensive for fake products 

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The Norwegian electro franchise called "Elkjøp" are selling some FiiO e3 looking amps (identical look in any way, but different name).

Not sure what its called, sorry, but I tried it out in the store, and it sounds nothing like the e3, its not a massive difference, but the e3 is much more effective when driving high impendance headphones.



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Yes, we had made OEM E3 to Norway in 2 years ago, but maybe they OEM from some fake factory now because the price. they had not ordered from us for about 2 years. 


The fact is , if one customer wants a cheaper products, the manufacturer always find some ways to cost down, in most time, the quality will down because it is not a expensive


products  so there are very few space to cost down except you choose some poor quality components.



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why every body fakes everying ? :( after all of your hard work... was wonderingwhy dont you make sure with sites like dealextreame and other big site that they sell authentic products of yours.. i know that deal extreame with their fake product such as monster and etc call them "designers..." or something like that and dont run by the geniun name...  but who knows...please get in touch with them and let us know (non china\usa buyers that dont want to pay tons of money for shipping) i mean paying 15$ shipping cost for a product in around 17-20$ didnt see any site that officaly sells your product that have low cost shipping to shipping to israel :(

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Wow fakes for FiiO products, pretty crazy considering the price-points of goods aren't high. I guess you guys are now unofficially known as a 'brand name' now like Gucci.

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