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Help in selection, I have weird needs!

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Sooooo heres the deal. Im an audio video professional, have been for the last 12 years. I have an overly critical ear in my opinion, but as titled, I have weird needs. Im going to tell what information I think you may need to help me, if you have questions to further clarify, feel free to ask and I will try to respond asap. Allow me to preface all of the following by thanking you for reading this and for any and all suggestions that may come my way. My reference for good sound comes from home audio, heres what I like. Bowers and wilkins speakers with rotel power. Always appreciated the sometimes overly accurate to the point of sounding a bit dry. I love it when listening to old jazz, classical or acoustic. However........I also love lively and engaging sound even if it sacrifices accuracy. I cant shy away from "fun" at the price of small nuances, my reference for this would be Onkyo with Energy speakers. Buuuuuuut........So far the best of both worlds would be energy speakers with Marantz power, something about that combination can be magical, accurate and fun rolled into one, currently this is my home theater set up and I totally digg it. With my job I fly almost every week, so isolation is of up most importance. I bought a pair of Grado sr60's 2 years ago or so, not because I really needed a pair of headphones but more because of all the hype and being an audio junkie i had to try them out. I do like their sound however the open air design is useless for me and my lifestyle. Ive maybe used them 5 times. The option to work out in these headphones is a plus but sound quality and isolation make up 90% of the my needs, as I said, it would be a nice plus. What I listen to: Everything I listen to is loaded on my ipod touch or sony mp3 player in the highest bit rate possible.......always. I listen to a lot of just voice podcasts. I also listen to a lof of hardcore metal like All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Bullet for my Valentine. But I can easily go from that to old Miles Davis, to the Derek trucks band , Journey, The Beatles, Nirvana, with a little bit of classical thrown in there as well. As I said, I like my grados, I loved my Koss porta pros back in the day, always like the few sennhiesers I have heard, I even liked the el cheapo jvc in ears I used a year ago when i worked out a lot. Was looking at ultimate ears and etymotics but have never heard them before, also im not afraid of getting custom fit made, but for my price range not sure if it would be worth it/possible. Looking to spend 100-200$......suggestions?

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Head-Direct's RE0, RE-Zero for <$100, or Fischer Audio's DBA-02 for <$200 if you can get one sound like they're right up your alley. Etymotic's ER4 for about $200 may be a bit too pricey, but you might like that too. Etymotic's ER4 has pretty much been synonymous with 'accurate sound' for the past decade or so. You can also look into the recent V-Sonic GR-07 for less than 200 ...

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anyone else?
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hmmm, a bit hard to read and im not really sure you know what you want.


so ill say Vsonic GR07 for the moment.  tbh you need to pick something then use it a reference baseline but its a very accomplished all rounder.

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I'd lean you most to the Hifiman RE252.  My only suggestion is to invest in some Comply T-500 tips to make fitment easy.



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I am looking for something similar, but IEMs do not agree with me. Thus, I am looking for portables. Posting my notes here as I might save you a little time.


I was hoping the PX 100s would work, but they only confirmed that I need a closed design in my portable phones. I would just bite the bullet and get the HD25s, but worry about amplification. Currently investigating the AKG K271 - as I am not a bass head.  Ack!  That should have been AKG K181DJ - which are said to have plenty of bass. (K271s are for data center use, but that is another story for another time).

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Etymotic MicroPro ER-4P IEM's

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