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Swan m200MkIII's on floor stands?

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I'm interested in getting some floor stands for my m200MkIII's (mostly due to space issues), but I can't help thinking about a review on 6moons that mentioned that they benefit from the low-end boundary support of a desktop. Can anyone comment?

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I run mine on floor stands. I have never had an opportunity to run them on a desktop unfortunately (crappy furniture budget with all the electronics spending). I could believe that they might sound deeper/fuller on a desktop.


Overall, I really like them, but I have noticed they have a slight Sennheiser sound to them -- just a *tiny tiny* bit recessed, yet very detailed. They are tight and flat. Not warm, not bright.



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where did you get floor stands to fit the MKIII?


thanks Steven

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Hey,  I got the m200 mkIII's recently and am using them on my desk.  Based on my experience with this setup, I would recommend using floor stands with these speakers.  Upon setting the m200's just flat on my desk, I noticed a strong mid-bass distortion.  I have since made a diy platform for them to sit on, to decouple them from my desk, and definitely noticed an improvement in the bass response.  Just my opinion, but hope it helps!

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Sorry to bring a dead man, but i got those speakers too. Love them, but due to space limitations i need some floor stands.I've been searching so far, and i can't seem to find thr right stands. All seem too small for these speakers, which are not small.
Would be nice if some owners recommend good stands for these.
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