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Headphone festival 2011 Spring in Tokyo

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I joined in Headphone festival 2011 spring in Tokyo. The show was a great success, almost over 70 companies has joined in and 3000 visitors came in one day.

I had my own booth and I was showing some gears. Here is my table. From the left, Head-Direct Hifiman HE500、HE6(Black Dragon balanced), Schiit Lyr behind.
On the mid, iPad to show Audirvana playlist, SOLO and RXII behind, Headroom balanced desktop,  Wavelength Proton, Mac Air 11 inch as a source.
The rightmost three boxes are Vietnamese Sunrise earbuds. (Camera: Canon Powershot s95)

Click picture to enlarge.



I used computer audio setup as a source. I installed Audirvana on Macbook Air and hooked it up with Wavelength Proton and Audiophilleo1. Both are capable of integer mode of Audirvana.
Schiit Lyr is mostly for HE500 and Headroom for HE6 balanced.
As a controller for visitor, I used Air Display app on iPad as a remote WiFi control. Air Display is an app to enable iPad as a dual display monitor. This is different to VNC.
This is useful as the playlist is portrait format.





This is actual iPad screen capture. I used WiMax as a WiFi infra. (NEC WM3500R portable WiMax router)



In prior to the show. I was invited to comment on the highlights of the show via U-Stream program by Fujiya-avic.
In the program, Jude was kindly provide us a greeting video from HeadFi. Thanks Jude!
You can watch program here. The man on the right is me.


Apart from my booth, I will explain some interesting gears.
This is updated Fostex headphones. I was amazed the driver employs stronger magnet than Bayer T1, that is 1.5 Tesla!
I actually tried the demo and I felt the sound stage is so huge. Classic music sounded remarkable. (This is not a production model development demo)



This is Jaben Wilson's new Tube-portable amp. Every visitors tried this was so amazed by the SQ.
I found almost none microphonic with this amp. I had Millet hybrid and I know this type of amp is noisy when I hit. This is different.
I felt the sound is improved Millet Hybrid, that means very nice.



This is another offering from Jaben, custom IEM by ACS which employs soft shell.



Computer audio seminar was held and this is also so popular.



Next show will be October.
Come and join us next time :)

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Now I'm interested in those Fostex phones with huge soundstage. What's the model number, if there's one? regular_smile%20.gif

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I wouldn't be surprised if it would be released as a Denon AH-D8000 or something, looks very similar.

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This is the new Fostex flagship model which I mentioned some time ago.
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Great stuff- there was so much I missed there!  I love the U-Stream videos... almost like being there again!  I will also look into that Air Disply app- it looks really useful.

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Hi Mkubota, Yes there is a digest U-Stream to get the atmosphere of the show.



I saw your post that is very nice to capture the show. Thank you for posting.

I was so busy to manage my own booth so I was not able to visit all the exhibitors ... That was a shame.


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Someone know what is the impedance of the new 1,5 tesla fostex? 




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