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Have your High End IEMs failed...or is just me?

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Hi all,


Over the last few years I have owned Shure SE530s and ACS T1s and have had them fail on me a number of times. The failure has been where the earphone goes very quiet over a day or so and then fails completely. Both IEMs have failed in the right ear multiple times with a very recent left ear failure of the T1s.

I cant fault either company when it has come to fixing\replacing them - but they have been in warranty at the time. I am not sure how things would be, if they were out of warranty...although I get the feeling ACS would be fair.


Is it just me that experiences these multiple failures or is there something inherently wrong with these micro electronics? It is definitely not down to my abusing the earphones as they have always been treated carefully...especially as they cost a small fortune.


Anyway, I am interested to know if this is a common thing with other people experiencing repeated failures of their high end IEMs, especially as I am considering investing in some JH13\16.

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The majority of failures that I've experienced have generally revolved around cable problems. It wasn't anything that a replacement cable + soldering kit couldn't fix. These scenarios don't happen very often however and its usually the IEMs with flimsy cables that are prone to it.


I can't speak on the SE530's but I've had a pair of SE535's for roughly a year (sold them) and they held up very well. The ER-4P that I sold to my cousin about 5 years ago is still running in tip top shape. Heck, I saw him sporting them at a recent get together a few weeks back.


You may just have bad luck or you might be inadvertently roughing them up. Pretty much all the problems I've had with cables occurred when I used to carry my IEMs straight in my pocket with a pouch. Ever since I bought a leather carrying case with structural support, I haven't had any issues for the past 2 years.

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 I believe most of the expensive high end IEMs are made to last for a while. Perhaps you just have not had a real good IEMs on hand.

For instance Ortofons or Audio Technicas are considered to be among best in build quality.


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i only had a um2 failed me before only on de 2nd wk after purchase wid seldom use. im really surprised wid tat.

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The cables on mine have always looked fine and intact - maybe there has been an issue at the point where they join the driver inside the concha shell? As for build quality, the T1s are very good and look like they can take some abuse - the concha are made of silicon and the cables incorporate kevlar - but I have never abused them.

At the end of a days use, I have always rolled them up loosely and put them away in the leather zipped pouch that comes with them. They are then put away in a bag, so as not to get crushed or squashed.


The only thing I can think of that might do it is that I often have let them hang over my ears when I have taken them out to talk to people - but then it has only been for a few mins before they have been re-inserted or placed gently on a desk. I dont know how long other people use their IEMs, but I have tended to use mine for an average of 8hrs a day...maybe they have just been worn out....lol

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its just you...ive had:






a dozen cheaper ones


never had an issue, gave a pair to my wife and sold off the others - never had a single issue of any sort - using w4+um56 full time daily

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The SE535 cable has broke. 

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My old 530's failed, Because my bunny ate through the wires, I still have them in my draw, I did think about getting them made into customs but i think i would buy ES5's or UM's miracles.



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