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Is MP4Nation taking me for a fool?

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Update: MP4Nation is a very people focused company. I just wanted to update to let you guys know that I was falsely accusing them of selling me used gear, for Fiio's shoddy workmanship. MP4 Nation is fantastic and I look forward to doing business in the future with you :)

So this is a bit of a rant on account of me being incredibly irritated with the outcome of my order; please bear with me if my blind anger transpires to scattered thoughts of incoherence(I will fix it later).

Over a month ago, I had placed an order for the Fiio e7 + e9 + Brainwavz M2 bundle. The bundle just arrived today in the mail. Now I know a bunch of you could sympathise with me when I say I was absolutely filled with anticipation after waiting a long month and a half for gear which will supposedly brings sound to a whole nother level. Unfortunately, the excitement and anticipation quickly fled as I opened my package...

The first thing I thought to myself was: where's the M2!? As I began opening the boxes looking for the pair of headphones, I noticed something odd about the E9..


Crap! that looks serious. I couldnt take better picks since my phone's camera is horrendous at handeling light; but the little gash/burn/rash, or whatever it is, on the terminal mold gets in the way of the pins, basically rendering the e9 useless mad.gif

Quite dissapointed in what I saw, I continue my search for the M2's; maybe they're in the E7 box?

Upon unveiling the E7, I find a note on the face of the e7 with a "Remark" heading:


Hmm... Their note seems awfully direct, seeing how they wanted me to keep the e7 for a few weeks before attempting to remove the "protective film"...



Again, please excuse the quality..

Upon further inspection, I was able to confirm that the scratch(es) were indeed on the actual finish, and not on some fabled protective film they claim. You really cant tell because of the lighting, but the scratches are easily noticable to the naked eye.


I'm sending them an e-mail right now to see if they can sort this out. Considering the combination of wrongs with my order, I really find it a topping on the cake when they figured typing up a little love-note on the e7 makes their negligence acceptable. Am I right to be angry? I have been fighting a nagging urge to file a complaint with the BBB and my Creditor just to make me feel better; however I'm reluctantly holding on a pint of hope that we can see eye to eye and fix this significant issue.

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While the rest of that may be unfortunate, the protective film on the E7 is quite normal.  Most people don't even know it's there, so it's nice that they're actually telling you about it now.  You don't have to keep it on there, they're just recommending it since it can work as a screen protector up until it gets really scratched.

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The plexiglas fell off my E7 when I took it out file a pay pal claim. That is the only way they will respond and don't resolve the claim until you get a refund or new replacements in six weeks.
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i hope i don't have similar issues when my fiio e5 comes in the mail. i ordered it from here as well.

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We sent out the E9+E7+M2 combos without M2 as they were not ready (delay in preorder), but you will be getting the M2 via Amazon something this week, expect another tracking number soon, you should have been contacted via support about this.


Sorry to hear about the E9 having some sort of ding, that really isn't anything to do with our service, but rather FiiO QC, as the place where the ding has happened is in a recessed area it is unlikely it occurred during shipping.


As for the E7, that is the protective film, remove it, it should be fine underneath, that note in rather broken english is from Fiio, not us, i think other E7 users can confirm that their units came with the same note.


Originally Posted by mayassa View Post

The plexiglas fell off my E7 when I took it out file a pay pal claim. That is the only way they will respond and don't resolve the claim until you get a refund or new replacements in six weeks.

That's simply not true, we work fast to help people, but if you purchase from MP4 Nation you understand we are in Hong Kong and therefore anything that needs to be returned has to be sent to us back in HK, although if you are in the US we do provide US buyers with a US return address for RMA. As your username corresponds to a open dispute we have i can see from the notes that apart from the initial opening of dispute we have written 6 times and not once have we got a reply back from you, the two support tickets which we have from you, which are less than 10 words long each, were replied either same day or the next working day (HK time). I don't see anything in support ticket or the dispute about plexiglass.


I am sorry if the plexiglass did come off, this is again another issue with FiiO production QC, not our service, however we will be quite prompt in helping you resolve this, please do use our support ticket and the support team will help you asap

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Thanks for the quick contact razzer. I realize venting my frustration through headfi was probably not the best move, and I probably should have contacted you first. Is there any other location I could ship my e9 back for repair/replacement? I really dont want to shell out the $26 I was quoted to ship to hongkong. As for the E7, I'll try to see if there really is a protective layer on the plexiglas; although I have tried picking at a side and even trying to pull up with soch tape, yet I cant seem to remove it.

And finally, about the M2's. I'm releived to find out that they werent a part of the first shipment; but if I could make a suggestion, please let your customers know ahead of time. I would have rather heard there would be a further delay than leaving me to think my order was seriously botched. >.<

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As i mentioned (or rather edited and put in the previous post), we offer a USA RMA address, but to send to it we do have some requirements (i.e. must use tracking/delivery confirmation when sending), but talk to our support and they will help you out with that.


The pictures you took of your E7 are what most E7 look like when they arrive, there is a protector, you are not the first to have difficulty in removing it, i think you can find other E7 threads here with people having the same complaint, the protector is quite thin, chances are with just some normal use the protector will start to fray at the edges and will become easier to peel off. You can also send the pictures to Fiio and i think they could confirm what we are saying that its the protector that you are seeing. It used to be worse before when Fiio didn't include that note, we used to get really angry people thinking we had sent them used units, but it was just the protector with scratches.


As for the M2, there were several people who ordered that same combo from the US, I did have the support send out a mass email, i am unsure why you did not get the email, i do apologize for the stress that may have caused you.

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I got mine yesterday too. It took me 5 minutes to figure out they had a protective layer. You might as well leave it on cause it seems identical to the one they have you apply. Also, I think the funniest thing about the combo is that when you put the cool looking silicone case on the E7, you'll realize it won't fit on the E9 dock. I got all mad yesterday and posted this. My rant looks a lot like yours actually. Then I realized I could solve this problem by just throwing away the silicone case so I did. biggrin.gif

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