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For Sale: Rig For Sale

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For Sale:
Rig For Sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Ok Guys,


I'm selling my beloved Headphone-rig, because i want to buy a pair of Adam Speakers.

This must go fast, thats why PM me ASAP if you want something, because if this stuff isnt sold within 3-4 days i gotta put it on ebay. All Prices are in Euros, I will ship worldwide, just ask me for the shipping price via PM, and ill get you a quote. All payments via Paypal.


Up For Sale:


-Sennheiser HD600 Headphones 300 Ohm (160 Euros)


This Baby is in percect working condition, The Pads and Headpadding have been changed 1 Month ago so everything is fresh. Cosmetically they are used, the Sennheiser Logo on top has faded, due to its age and the Paintjob is chipping a little bit on the Headband ( Normal issue with old Sennheisers). The drivers are in perfect condition, no cracking or contact losses. It will come in its Original Box with 2 cables and old Sparepads, adapter and spare Foam pieces.


- Lake People G99/2 ( 250 Euros)


This is an exclusive amp by an exclusive german Brand called Lake People. They are very popular in the Pro scene in germany and are known for their very exact uncoulered sound reproduction. The amp is in very good working condition and has only minor cosmetic wear, in form of slight scratches and fingerprints. Technically its like new.


Specs: Inputs:

2 x XLR female (balanced)

2x Chinch (unbalanced)

Max. Input: + 22 dBu

Impedance: 10 kOhms

2 Amplifier Channels ( for 2 Headphones)

Nominal Input Sensitivity: +6 dBu

Gain: +20dB

Frequency Range: 0Hz-50kHz ( -0,5 dB)

                              0Hz-150kHz (-3dB)


Dynamic Range:

2x600 Ohm: > 118 dB

2x100 Ohm: > 112 dB

Noise: > -90 dBu

Distortion: <0,0016% (1kHz/2x800mW/100 Ohm)

Crosstalk: -103 dB (1kHz)


230V AC/ max. 8 VA

Stainless Steel Case, Dimensions: 140 x 44 x 170 mm (WxHxD)


-Cardas "smurf" headphone Cable (SOLD)


Its the "magical" cardas cable which makes every HD600 sing! 10 ft Version in "smurf" blue! Good Condition, minor cosmetic wear. Comes with original Waranty sheet and Bag.


- Musical Fidelity V-Dac ( SOLD) and V-Psu (120 Euros)


The V-Dac is in good condition, works just fine. Comes with the orignial Wallwart Powersupply and Boxing.


The V-Psu is only 3 Weeks old and has only been used for about 10 hours. Comes with the Box, cables and everything like new.



- Monster Cable S/P-Dif digital Cable ( 30 Euros)

1 Meter, high quality connect for sources and receivers.


- AIV Black Moon Chinch cables  ( SOLD)

Bought this 0,5 Meter Pair for 70 euros at music shop in munich. High quality cable, works great.



If you have any questions, feel free to message me, im looking forward to your mails!





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Bump, make me offers!

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Sale Pending on Cardas Cable V-Dac and AIV Black Moon Chinch cables.

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V-Dac, Cardas and Chinch cables are probably gone!

PRICEDROP on rest of the sortiment, gotta get rid of this stuff


Lake People G99/2 is now 220 Euros

V-Psu Powersupply is 110 Euros

HD600 Headphones 150 Euros

Monster Optical Cable 20 Euros

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Allright, V-Dac, Cardas Cable and AIV Black Moon Chinch Cables are sold.


Come on noone want a Pair of HD600's with 2 Pairs of Pads and Foams, the orignal cable + adapte, an HD650 cable and the original case?

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Pm sent

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