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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

Are you sure Dolby headphone is even activated, sounds to me like you may be listening with the EQ settings enabled and the Channel Mixer plugin tweaks but DH isn't activated. Check in the settings for the DH wrapper that the dolby headphone dll plugin is loaded. Some users reported it isn't loaded by default when you grab the preconfigured package, you might have to manually enable it.

This page, check so it's loaded ("location" path will be empty if it's not loaded):



DH was 100% activated when I used it as it appeared exactly like what your screenshot shows except path was C:\foobar2000\components\DolbyHph.dll to be accurate, but it's the same thing. It's easy to notice since I have a xonar soundcard as reference. 

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Called then ? I registered here specially to thank for his excellent work RPGWiZaRD !! Thank you for this custom foobar !! :beyersmile:


I listen with Superlux HD-662 F or 68 Yoga CD (Patafix custom) ... It's very good, headphones are transformedI'm no expert, but I'd like you two ideas ... What do you think ?


1 - EQ Electri-Q dropped at zero in Digital modehttp://hpics.li/bf7f4e5


2 - Adding a Resampler (Sox) at the end. 90% Passband, 30% Phase response. http://hpics.li/790331f


The sound seems to me less bright, more detailed... ?




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Is it possible to use this config in conjunction with Isone Pro?


What settings would make the most sense? Specifically, where in the DSP chain would the VST Wrapper go (before/after DH? Before/After Channel Mixer?), and what mode would Isone best be set to (5.1; 5.0/no lfe; Stereo)?


Thanks! I'll come back with my own conclusions about the sound of the various setups after some further experimentation, but I'd very much appreciate any input.


Here are the settings I've found to sound best so far, but I'm really not decided on whether or not I've got it right or more important, prefer it to your configs on their own:

(Bypass is supposed to be unticked, obviously)

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