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Started using this config nearly 3 years ago with my entry level ATH-M50's, still using it today my with Audeze LCD-2.2. Amazing results :)

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RPGWiZaRD, thank you for all your hard work! Just a heads-up for those new to the plugin: I never had to do this before, but with this latest update, I had to manually reselect the location of DolbyHph.dll in the DSP plugin settings to get the correct sound. You can easily check by comparing the volume to the Custom: Stock foorbar2000 preset. If incorrectly configured, the Default: Balanced preset is much softer, otherwise it's more or less the same.

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Can someone send me the (Forward) fbcp file? The link is down.

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Originally Posted by Deathsycthehe11 View Post

Can someone send me the (Forward) fbcp file? The link is down.

Just use the preconfigured package.

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I wanted to share my config.

I use filters in following order:
  • IIR filter for CD de-emphasis filter
  • HQ resample to 192 kHz rate to improve accuracy of following DSP effects
  • matrix to decode surround, i.e. to convert 2 channel input into 4 or 5 channels
  • surround-pan to move sound in front of me
  • programmable reverb, which simulates 3-dimensional space
  • HQ resample to 48 kHz rate because Dolby Headphone wouldn't work otherwise
  • Dolby Headphone - Live Room
  • HQ resample to 96 kHz rate to match my Pan Am

The IIR Filter and Reverb DSPs can be found under:



I have dropped settings here:

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This dsp

  • surround-pan
  • programmable reverb


are not for 5.1 processing and you will loose your center channel!

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Thank, it's good to know. I had some suspicions that Surround Pan does something wrong. Anyways for Dolby Headphone you only need, and you get best results when you have 4 channels. I use different matrix than I shown here.

OUT | L | R
FL | 1.2 | 0.5
FR | 0.5 | 1.2
BL | 0.5 | -0.2
BR | -0.2 | 0.5

Sometimes I use Surround Pan to set sound ahead, but sometimes I go without it.
Also Programmable Reverb is an option I am not always using.

But matrix and DH is a must smily_headphones1.gif

I also use sometimes Electri-Q to reduce some freqs if there is too much, especially upper bass and lower mids.

When listening without room virtualisation I sometimes need to turn CD-DeEmph, this applies to Red Book CD's like trance music compilations made by Armin and John O'Callaghan. For classical I use matrix coefficient equivalent to Dolby Pro Logic because these CD's I have are recorded in this format. All depends biggrin.gif
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I prefer 5.1 with Dolby Headphone compared to  4.0.  At the moment I always use a equalizer  (EQ-APO ) to get the  most possible flat ferquency response  of my Headphone (HD555 mod 595)   with DH. DH sounds much better with the equalizing.

For the upmix I have tested different dsps.  ChannelMixer, MatrixMixer, FreeSurround, FreeSurround (beta), VI Suite , Dolby Pro Logic, dts neural upmix, and some other dsps.

I can tell  that FreeSurround(beta) is very similar compared to dts neural upmix and Pro Logic and the best freeware upmix dsp I know.

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Why when i convert a music the surround effect is not "baked" with the file??


EDIT > I figured out already

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When you have stereo record you would put it on virtual speakers being 2 meters in front of you rather than in your head, thus you may use matrix to put all left in front left, and all right in all right, and the you use Dolby Headphone to enable virtualization, because otherwise you would still just have 2 channels.

When you have Dolby Surround recording you need to use Dolby Pro Logic decoder to obtain four channels two front and two back, and then you use Dolby Headphone to convert these four channels into image for headphones. Note that Dolby Surround recording might be using two channels, but these are not suitable to listening in headphones, you need to decode that and place what you have decoded in proper location in 3D space, and this is why you need to use Dolby Headphone.

Now when you have regular stereo recording it is designed to be used with speakers and not headphones. When you listen on speakers, they usually stand in front of you, so you hear sound coming from ahead of you. However sound doesn't just stop, but it bounces from the walls and this way it fills up a room. In order to simulate similar effect you need to mix a bit of front to back. You can achieve nice result with coefficients I mentioned in my previous post.
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I couldn't find Dolby Headphone wrapper for Linux, so I came out with some idea how to add virtual environment using JACK and LADSPA plugins.
Below is the screen-shot.

I connect output from Audacious to input of channel "1" on JackMixer, and then I connect output of that channel to JackRack where I set delay and filter. Then and I connect output from that JackRack to input of channel "2" on JackMixer swapping L with R. On the JackMixer I set volume of channel "2" to -1.5dB as I think this is the difference between how much you hear left speaker in your left ear and in your right ear. So this simple trick perfectly simulates speakers being in front of you.

Next trick is to simulate room in which you are listening. I want to simulate echoes and resonances from walls. So I assume sound first hits wall behind speakers and then it hits the wall behind the listener. I could complicate model much more, but I already find hard to manage Jack connections, so I stuck to this simplified model. In order to implement it I connect output from channel "1" on mixer to another JackRack, where I set several effects. I set delay to obtain echo, and I set low pass filter to simulate damping, and then I set comb filter to simulate resonance from walls. The output from that rack I connect to input of channel "3" on mixer. Next I want to simulate wall behind the listener. Again to do that I take output from channel "3" on mixer and connect it to another JackRack, where I set delay and matrix spatialiser, which inverts the phase so that sound seems to be coming from behind the listener. The output goes to mixer channel "4".

I set all parameters empirically, so scientifically looking at them they can be completely wrong, but to my ears result is IMHO very cool, actually I think I might prefer it over Dolby Headphone.

Here is screen with settings I came up for rock genre:

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please provide the username and password for the package in the first page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mediafire asked me to input it in order to download the zip file

Thank you!!!!

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Originally Posted by vanhoivanbinh View Post

please provide the username and password for the package in the first page !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mediafire asked me to input it in order to download the zip file

Thank you!!!!

There's no password or username needed, that's only if you want to login to mediafire. Just wait 5 secs and the link is redirected to the currently working link.

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Moved my post to new thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/712182/ambience-and-binaural-sound-under-linux
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I finally registered on this forum after tinkering around with the 2 preloaded setups (laid back and forward).


Personally, I'd feel the forward one to be a lot more.. engaging, feels like a much more immersive experience. Would like to know if this can be applied to games, videos (off youtube and such) and movies too?


Also, im currently using an ATH AD-700 pair of headphones paired with an Asus Xonar DX 7.1 sound card. Is there anything else I could do to optimize or enhance the experience? :D


Lastly, just wanna say thanks for such an amazing work, really made listening to music so much better!



EDIT: I'm also currently having the Xonar DX Audio Center program open and set to 8 Channels (Audio Channel), PCM 192Khz (Sample Rate) and Headphone (Analog Out). Under the SPDIF section, PCM is left unchecked while both 7.1 Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphones are checked. Do let me know if I've done anything wrong.


EDIT2: I'm not sure what I did regarding exclusive mode or enabling the WASPI mode but now my youtube videos have no sound. Same goes for twitch.tv (live streaming service for games). Anyone able to help?


Kinda of a newbie towards these things but would be glad and willing to learn!

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