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Originally Posted by lolninja View Post

Hey guys, I've made a very detailed review comparing fake and real Klipsch s4 headphones. I made the mistake of buying fake ones to save money and knew it was off. I ended up losing money on shipping it back, so don't make the same mistake as me!


Here's going in order of the images of the differences (some are obvious, just pointing it out anyway):

FAKE: color is too saturated, "IMAGE" really stands out, printing seems off and crappy in terms of quality

REAL: "IMAGE" is hidden much more


F: registered trademark is printed off, R is too much to the left

R: mark is right in center, clear


F: the shelf hanging thing isn't rounded out completely, can see the material is obviously split into two sides

R: rounded out all the way, seems like one single material piece


F: Cnet logo is butchered and is not a perfect circle, jagged edges, registered mark touching logo

R: perfect circle, registered mark not touching logo, "Editors' Choice" seems bolder


Ok, the type looks the same, but it is NOT, my friends.

F: uppercase letters are closer to lowercase height

R: uppercase letters are much higher than lowercase, letters more rounded has 

Good characters to look at that are different: "S" and "s" are curvier on R, "8" is balanced on R, on F the bottom half is wider and bigger than top half of "8", "e" on F is less round, "e" on R nearly looks like a circle


F: manual is taped to the center, no product code sticker thing

R: manual is taped to left side, has product code sticker thing in the center


F: 3 extra pairs of ear tips in a plastic baggy, cleaner(?) stick underneath wrapped in plastic

R: 2 extra pairs of ear tips not in baggy, in right side compartment, no cleaning stick


F: "L" shaped 3mm jack

R: straight 3mm jack


Owner's Manuals are clearly different, F has the s2 model on it too


F: arrow looking mark extends out too far and too close to touching "Klipsch"

R: arrows end right at the furthest legs of the "K" and the "h", more space given below "Klipsch"


Finally, if you are still not sure, the fake ones sound super muddy and there is huge difference in sound quality. The headphones themselves are really close. The only major difference I noticed was that on the part where you take off the tip, there is a silver line there. On the F, it is flat and printed on the earphones and on the R, they stick out a little bit. I hope this helps someone out there!


Oh, and lastly, where I bought them:





I bought the pairs like 10 days ago from ebay. it was refurbished and half price (27pound) and before the pair came i've had already read your post and i have chance to understand its guniue or fake. it came and i compare everything as you mentioned it was seem %100 geniue.


I've used it for 10 days and really bad feelings about klipsch. are you sure for this comprasion cuz my older pair creative ep 630 better than klipsch image s4. im not talking about bass ability i m saying overall sound quaity. too much articifial sound and it makes me sick. i didnt send it back cuz i thought i missed something and it ll make better sound but it doesnt.


i mean if you are sure i am going to search some tips for the better sound.

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I got a pair of S4.


Is an L shaped jack an instant indicator that it is fake? It doesn't sound all that great so I'm pretty sure they are if they can't beat monoprice IEM or my COD billet headset.

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Not saying there are not fakes running around, but S4s require a significant amount of burn-in. They sound like crap for the first few days.

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Got mine back in January and saw this last night so I sent an email to Amazon because I got mine "used - like new" through a 3rd party on there called XcessBuy and they are listed on Klipsch as not authorized, Amazon granted me a one time exception and refunded me $51 and said they would look into the company. 


The tips of the arrow on the metal case seem to be pointed, the same logo on each of the buds is small and looks fine, 3.5m plug is straight. The SQ of the buds seems to be where they should be, a bit sibilant but I've read with these that is normal. The lettering on each bud hasn't even begun to wear off, some light scratching on the "l" & "i" i could get it to slightly come off, didn't want to try much more lol. Also I didn't get the actual packaging since they were Used so it was just the metal case inside a yellow packaging with a set of the bi-flange (which I never use). 


Mine seem to be real but since Amazon refunded me that money via a promotion certificate on Amazon so I used it to order some Thinksound Rain buds and will use the S4's with the Comply tips I should be getting in the next couple of days at the gym

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I assume mine are fake, one side has died and since they weren't from a company and from an individual, they're toast.



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I was given a pair about 4 months ago. Immediate reaction was they sounded horrible, figured maybe they needed some burn in so I did. After 2 days of burn in put them on R channel was gone. I put them aside, figured oh well, crappy phones. About 2 weeks ago I thought maybe I'll notify Klipsch, called the 800 that was on the box, they instructed me to take a picture of the bar code and email it to them. Well today I received a new pair, HUUUGE difference. Right out of the box , no burn in, just fantastic. These have the straight plug and flat cable. I have to conclude the first ones were fake, either that or Klipsch has major quality control issues. Kudos to Klipsch for their response, no questions, fast and they don't want the old ones back. They did not, however, offer any explanation.
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LOL after not listening to these for a few months and just listening to my Rains, I can't stand them. The sound is just weird to me now. Probably will sell them to a buddy with two pairs of Comply's for $20, or maybe I'll just give them for free haha.

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Originally Posted by Lurk650 View Post

LOL after not listening to these for a few months and just listening to my Rains, I can't stand them. The sound is just weird to me now. Probably will sell them to a buddy with two pairs of Comply's for $20, or maybe I'll just give them for free haha.

I think the latter is the better deal. Never could understsnd how they got such good reviews and yet sound so aweful.
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